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"They had returned to Earth... but it was not for peace...
it was for WAR"

After a period of constant war between different factions on earth and relative peace on its space colonies, the Earth Sphere Unified Alliance is established to promote peace on earth and throughout space. In the name of peace and justice, the Alliance's army has taken control of all the space colonies and has crushed all opposition with highly advanced mech-like fighting machines known as Mobile Suits (MS), manned by the Alliance's elite mobile suit corps, the Specials, commanded by Treize Khushrenada.  The Specials are trained and staffed by the Romefeller Foundation, the powerful industrial combine that develops and manufactures the Alliance's Mobile Suits. But, unbeknownst to the general public, the Specials are merely a front for Oz, a Romefeller subsidiary and secret society which has infiltrated the Alliance military at its highest levels.

Now, in the year A.C. 195 (After Colony), after two decades of oppression, rebels on the space colonies are determined that the iron grip of the Alliance and Oz will no longer be tolerated. With the help of the five scientists who first developed Mobile Suits, the rebels create five super fighting Mobile Suits known as Gundams. No ordinary pilots could fly these Gundams with their super-advanced technology.  Therefore, five boys (Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Chang Wufei, Trowa Barton, and Quatre Raberba Winner) are adopted and trained from birth, each learning astounding skills and acquiring differing personalities.

Their mission--destroy Oz and bring down the Alliance.

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