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Update Finally [10.12.00] I wont be updating as much as i did over the summer, since im really busy. Until then im sorry. The only news that i have to report is that I have a new affiliate: Gundam Web, and that Critical Anime rudly took me off their affiliates w/o informing me, so i say screw them!

Im Back [09.04.00] Well, I'm back from my trip to Las Vegas and I'm seriously jet-lagged. I feel horrible and the thing is, Las Vegas is boring if your under 21 =(. Nuf bout my trip, lets talk about the site now. I just got another affiliate and this site rocks! I give it 2 thumbs up, check it out here

Good News & Bad News [08.29.00] Booo!!! Bad News is two of my topsites went dead a couple of days ago, and I was hoping that they would come back. Unfortunately, they haven't, so I took them off. Damnit, I was in the top ten on one of them! Oh well, I guess I'll live. Now onto the Good News; guess who got another affiliate? Could it be me? If ya said yes, then you get 200 points. Check out Gundam Galaxy here. I checked it out and it has plenty of pictures that I dont have, Its worth it visiting it if all ya need are pictures.

Yet Another [08.26.00] Got a new affiliate and the layout on this site is amazing. Check out Critical Anime, here

Another Affiliate [08.23.00] Check out my new affiliate;Bardocks Domain. It's one of the hypest pages I've ever seen. Unfortunately, it only works for Internet Explorer at the moment. Trust me it's amazing.

Fully Operational [08.23.00] This site is fully operational! Although I opened it up early by signing up with the top sites, I made the finishin' touches just today.Errr.....I mean other than the fact that I have no webring, 640x480 wallpapers and msc images, I think its good to go......=\. Oh well, nonetheless take note that this site has officially opened on 08/23/00. I'll just have to work on those few problems on my spare time.

Affiliate I've just been affiliated with Anime plan http://animeplan.cjb.net/

New Banner [08.22.00] Out with the old and in with the new



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