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the magnacarta are breaking up in the not too distant future. it really is happening for different reasons, one member is moving to atlanta. others want to try different things. we've only been together for one year. we wrote 9 songs. learned two covers. made a joke song up. played 24 shows. played live on the radio. played all over florida. had a couple people tell us they liked us. it was nothing but fun for all of us, and i personally am glad to have been a part of this "thing" called the magnacarta. i am sad to see it dying. however, we are playing three last shows. the first is 21august in davie, florida at the club q, with our friends abortion and kite flying society, and spirit of versailles. next is 29august at diy records in orlando with nakatomi plaza. and our last show ever does not have a confirmed date, but will feature: the magnacarta, summerlane, kite flying society, and tenderfoot. these three bands are our great friends, and are three of the best bands i have ever seen. a huge thanks to each and every one of you who have supported us in any way. some have come to shows, a few of you have been to many many shows. some have said nice things about us to other people, a few bought shirts [not many] but hey, that's all good. we love you all, and once again, thank you!

LOVE jeff olive.

updated: 03august2000.

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