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  First Line                                   Collection         Poem             File Name

all is apparent Thirty-one Days Day xxvii day27.html
All things  all life equates to death Thirty-oneDays Day ii day2.html
A shadowy being of existence Thoughts in Transistion Thevoyeur transthevoyeur.html
asked to explain life Thirty-one Days Day vii day7.html
Assembled words of lose meaning Thoughts in Transistion AMeeting of Words transmeeting.html
As the cadence of your breath increases Thoughts in Transistion Audienceof Life transaudience.html
awake! from our cataclysmic black nights Thirty-one Days Day xxviii day28.html
A wreath of death encircles my head Thirty-one Days Day xvii day17.html
Blackness strolling Thoughts in Transistion Blackness Strolling transblackness.html
Broken neurons playing monstrous Thirty-one Days Day xii day12.html
Conversations milling through the room Moments Moments momentstittle.html
Death occurs when Thirty-one Days Day xiii day13.html
Dredging through the crusted crystals Thoughts in Transistion ThisLife We Lead transanaylsing.html
each day is the dot that connects the events Thirty-oneDays Day iii day3.html
each day we walk slowly through life Thirty-one Days Day xxvi day26.html
Every night I drop to my bed Thoughts in Transistion I Think of Her transthinkofher.html
Exuberance behaves as a drug Building Orgasm Building Orgasm exuberancetittle.html
Fantasy dreams Thirty-one Days Day xxii day22.html
For one brief moment Thirty-one Days Day xvi day16.html
The heart pumps Thirty-one Days Day xiv day14.html
Inspiring telephone voices Thirty-one Days Day xxiv day24.html
It is a difficult thing to do Thirty-one Days Day vi day6.html
love hunts down the black storm clouds Thirty-one Days Day ix day9.html
Love is the manifestation of these dreams Dreams andLives The domion of Life dreams1.html
Love resembles the morning sun Thirty-one Days Day xx day20.html
Night arrives with her subtle silence Thirty-one Days Day iv day4.html
Nocturnal lights of isolation Sweet Angle Sweet Angle SweetAngleTittlePage.html
Paisley patterns of life's parade Thirty-one Days Day xviii day18.html
Sentence fragments Death Old Friend Death Old Friend DeathOldFriend.html
She holds the warmth of the sun Thoughts in Transistion ADivine Love transdevine.html
She stood on the edge of the Thirty-one Days Day xxiii day23.html
Souls scurry along the black vein Thirty-one Days Day xxi day21.html
The child screams for life Thirty-one Days Day v day5.html
there is no sunshine Nocturnal Lights Nocturnal Lights NocturnalLightsTittle.html
These filthy retched wore sheets Thirty-one Days Day xv day15.html
Thoughts fall in and out of place Thirty-one Days Day x day10.html
Time travels backwards Thirty-one Days Day i day1.html
Time moves like a drunken slug Thoughts in Transistion Time transtime.html
to the north  in a park Thirty-one Days Day xxix day29.html
to walk in silence Thirty-one Days Day viii day8.html
turn the nob  push the button Thirty-one Days Day xxv day25.html
what is to say at the end of a life? Thirty-one Days Day xxxi day31.html
while you lye still sleeping on my right Thirty-one Days Day xxx day30.html
The wind is the train of the souls Thirty-one Days Day xix day19.html
With his eyes closed and the world dissolving aroundhim Thoughts in Transistion the end transendof.html
Words and thoughts to paper Thirty-one Days Day xi day11.html

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