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*Located in Austin, Texas, but can provide transportation to the DFW and Houston area.
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Owner's e-mail: Girlofpeace@aol.com
Hello, I have not updated in near a year and I apologize. Since I still recieve e-mails of interested customers, I thought I may as well come back here and let you know that I am not breeding, which obviously means I'm not selling anymore as this Clan is closed and all of my pairs have retired, and all the gerbils I have are adults.

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       ...The Story...

My first gerbil was named Flower, a pied/mottled black male that lived an unusually long time, 6 or 7 years.I had him when I was a little girl, like 3 years old to when I was 9/10 years old. Then when he died, I was gerbil-less for around a year and once I walked in a petstore with my mom's friend, Danny, and I saw this ad saying get a complete cage set up, get a free gerbil, etc. So I begged him to buy it for me then I looked in the cage and saw this adorable pied black napping right in the middle of the commotiton. When I found out she was a female, I named her Mienne. Then I had her for two years until...
The summer of 2003, I volunteered to take care of the science class 3 1/2 ft. Boa Consrictor named Carazon. The science teacher gave me two male spotted nutmegs (At the time I didn't know this, black was black, white was white, tan was tan) to feed to Carazon. I gave them to my mom to take care in case I got attached to them. But
She named the first one Flighty Star. I don't know why, she said that he looked up at her and she couldn't bear to have him fed to the snake, so we agreed to keep him. I paired him up with Mienne and they fell in love at first. I was hoping they would have babies but I didn't know that she would be like too old to have pups since she was nearing 3 years old at that time. However, I got attached to the other one and named him Sandy because his color was "sandy". No, we didn't feed them to the snake! ;) I found an adorable lilac female around 5 weeks old in the pet store when we were looking for snake food (Note: I'm never gonna take care of a snake again! I felt so sad when I had to feed the rat to the snake. :() and I took her home, paired her up to Sandy, because at that  time I realized that Mienne couldn't have pups but I still wanted to breed.
And that's how it all started... ;)
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