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Received March 2004

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Welcome to the Master's Gallery

The Background sets in this collection were inspired by
many of the great painters of the 1800's and are arranged
in collections according to Artist.

These Web-set packages are unique, one-of-a-kind designs
that have never been offered as linkware; they are
"Purchaseware" only. Upon purchase, we will personalize
the set to your specifications, and remove the set from
our available packages. Purchase of a set entitles the
buyer the exclusive use of the design, however.....
Designs by Denis retains the copyright.

Prices for these personalized packages vary and are rated
by how much additional work is required before delivery.
Please e-mail us for purchasing details at
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Delphin Enjorlas (1857-1945)

The Letter

The Suitor's Reply

Reading by the Window

The Love Letter

Sir Frank Dicksee (1853-1928)

Romeo and Julliet

Greg Hildebrandt ()

Maid Marian and Robin

John William Waterhouse ()

La Belle Dame sans Merci

La Belle Dame 2

The Lady of Shallot

Edmund Blair Leighton ()


Lawrence Alma Tadema

The Proposal

George Frederic Watts

The Quest, Sir Galahad

Painter Unknown

Flowers on the Balcony

In the Garden

My Special Section

La Contessa ~Sold~

Pure Delight ~Reserved~

Robin and Marion

The Master's Gallery 2

My newest section may be offensive
to some viewers due to the partial nudity portrayed by many contemporary
artists. It is for that reason that
if you would like access contact me
at themastergallery@yahoo.ca .

Custom pages can be created fron scanned
photographs, images or paintings. Contact
me at themastergallery@yahoo.ca for more info.


Designs by Denis 2004