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You have reached The Matrix Stables!
Here at TMS we breed,show and sell top qualtiy preformance horses. We have a great line of Stallions,Show Mares,Brood Mares,Show Geldings and Staff! We provide a warm comfortable home for our horses, nutritious food,lush green pastures,clean stalls/barns and Great quality staff to care for them.

  "News" written by: TMS on Date July 12 2003
We Are proud to announce we have just had a new foal! TMS RRF Dreams Of The Firehouse , Out of Niobe! Yipee! Travis will become the greatest Stallion in the whole sim world!!! He will become our featured stud when he is old enough. We are so happy to have Travis! Visit him here!

  "Shows " written by: TMS on July 12th 2003
We entered Bullet and Holly in a Preakness race! Stay updated for results!
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July 4th
Happy Birthday America!
July 7th
We Had a live msn chat Auction and we made $3,148,865.00!!Wow!Congradulations to all the new owners!
July 12th 2003
We will be editing our pages,buying,selling,showing,racing,etc all day! Stay updated!
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