Rich 's New WEBSITE!
     Hey there. Confused? Well I realized that I had a lot of old stuff on this thing, and I really didn't want to go through it to see what I liked and what I didn't so , I figured, why not just start a new one. Still the same address though, That's me! TheMatrixIAm has been my screen name for some time now. And just to give a little hint to those not in the know, The Matrix is a movie, I Am is a canadian reference (also a beer reference), add them together and you pull in various English/Philosophical consequences. Other than the grammatical error involved, which is duely noted by myself and it's staying, I think it's a fun name, because it says so much and confuses everyone. Just like my last name. And with out further stuff, the website.
    These are da links!
  A Brief Blurp About Me. AKA What is Rich