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Friday, June 21, 2002
I was updating the website earlier . . . but I messed it up big time so I had to copt the one to here. Guts Man (PeNnYwIse) quit the team for some reason. So did SLiCk . . . kinda weird he begs and begs and begs to be on the team so I was being nice and gave him a chance and then he quits? Thats pretty gay. New members Pharoah Man and Quick Man. Biggest news of all Mavericks are moving to rocks!

Wednesday, May 26, 2002
1- Haven't updated the website in along time because geocities has been down. Alot of stuff has happened, we continue to dominate apps and slaughtering many tanks in raids.
Yamato Man got his bronce tank award, and he also wanted the combat honor medal. Snow Man won the golden cup! good job snow!
Also Plant Man got his tank back awhile ago and now has the bronze tank award . . . The team has also got ALOT of screenshots for me to upload onto the site. The 2 newest members in the team are Turbo Man, and we just got Bubble Man today! Were glad to have you along.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002
We had one of the best raids ever a few days ago. We killed many people with only 5 members. - SeVeR - lost his general (14) in a 1-1 with Yamato Man. We have alot of screenshot i haven't added, haha I have been slacking off. New Member Turbo Man.
Plant Man got his bronze tank and umm Guts Man won silver cup!

Wednesday, May 8, 2002
1- I just updated the website. Nothing really all that big has happened in the past few days. We did a few mini-raids in apps and killed a few people, therest of them quit low.
Gyro Man is closing in on the silver tank. Plant Man's tank got deleted so he is now Dive Man . . . sucks huh? Shadow Man is out of the team for using hacks.
Also Gyro Man is closing in on the Silver Tank award! I also placed 2nd in todays tournament so I brought home the Silver Cup!

Saturday, April 28, 2002
New Member( Gemini Man )

A new apps team has formed calling themselves The Mavericks. We are a medium sized orange team in Appaloosa Land. We alreayd have raided and slaughtered many, I will upload some of the screenshots later.
Gyro Man and Plant Man and Yamoto Man all get there Double Stars. While Proto Man (leader) places 3rd in the tournament and brings home the bronze cup.

[Posted By: Gyro Man ]
Worst Players

revenge is mine 2
Devil Spawn

Player of the Week:

Pharoah Man

Pharoah Man gets Triple Star

Mavericks move to rocks!

Guts Man quits

Gravity Man quits

Snow Man inactive

Hard Man inactive

Where's Plant?

By : Gyro Man
Proto Man

Gyro Man

Plant Man

Pharoah Man

Yamato Man

Snow Man

Quick Man

Wood Man

By : Gyro Man
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