It is the year 2020 and Earth has seen a vast change since the Cybertronian war left Earth in 2005.  Earth has grown fearful of not only Transformers, but all other races amongst the universe also.  Now two companies fight for control of the Earth's defenses.  These companies, born from one, have both used technology from Cybertron and used it for many advancements across the world.  How they each have gotten this technology is as different as Cybertron is to Earth.
    Now there are but a few surviving Transformers left on Earth.  Those that are left are either in hiding, or helping the side that offers the protection.  Then from the sky falls a an Autobot escape pod.  Inside is a Decepticon, with thoughts of retaking control of Earth.  Unfortunately the wrong side gets him first.  What will happen to this rouge Decepticon? 
Are you one of the Transformers hiding?  Will you help him take over where Megatron left off?  Is he an escape from the planet?
All the action starts right here.  This is where all the posting and history of the Transformers 2020 world is contained.  Check this out to see what is happening or to join the adventure. 
Don't know how to play using the MSH rules?  Click here to see the rules on how to play.
Want to convert your favorite Transformers into the MSH rules?  Then come here to find out how.  Thanks Emar!!
Stats for the Autobots and Decepticons that have already been converted along with this campaigns heros and villians
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