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Themelis Cuiper Good Software and

Expert advice for Netcitizen

Themelis Cuiper : Good Software and Expert advice for Netcitizen ! !

Software That make's internet live more easy to do and to have fun with !

"Feel free to e-mail any question's about software for database systems customers and e-commerce automation data mining and searchengine algorithmen.
I'm an enthousiastic visitor traffic searchengine web promotion and html optimisation for higher ranking and customer retention freak ".

Quick Bio:
Nicetas Themelis Cuiper Ph.D. has been a Netcitizen living on the Internet since 1993 and maintained a Bulletin Board System connected to the Fido network since 1974

After years of building a career as promotionconsultant and Director of Marketing for company's like
Rank Xerox, Sony and Salespoint & Promotions he turned a 180 degree, went back to college to study
Software Development.

Now these day's he is building corporate databases.

Internet automation software explained                           by Themelis Cuiper
Software You Must have seen :
EveryLink For You 2000
Mail me the Dutch Language File - EveryLink For You 2000
Oracle Darwin Datamining & 9i
Internet Database Specialist
Name: Themelis Cuiper
Email: Themelis@ziplip.com
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