Myth, Magic, and Mars


Hi, I'm themersgo.
I moved in on March 23, 1998.

My interests are:
Myth, Magic (the card game), and MARS.

The description of my page is:
Myth stategies
Magic decks
Martian activities

Email me at if you get a chance.
Please have a look around my page.
Some ideas that I'd like to share with you include (circa 2000 all else a few months older:):
What would it be like to be a shark...swimming in a pool of ice cream, make that mint chocolate chip, and you could munch up the big phat pieces of dark chocolate while breathing into your lucious gills the TASTY minty smooth creamy scrum of ice.
Imagine if this was on Mars that you could do such a thing...well I'm hoping so, maybe, maybe in the future! On a moon of Jupiter maybe, what is it, Io? Some big one...Titan of Saturn. With ice mb, and then you can make the needed water, melt it, burn it for hydrogen fuel, electrolyze (?) it for some tasty oxygen...mmm mmm mmm. And then...I'd open a shop, the virtual reality ice cream shop, with CD's on the counter, always for sale, always for download onto your wristmac...the macos platform will take over, you know, well prolly a hybrid of Mac and Linux...Mux...heard it here first. And we'll sing with our Mux, and bark and bark with the Saint Bernards trained to rescue upon the frozen outer void, void of light? life? No, void of anger...all peace. We can all have our own world, our own moon, our own satellite, our own star...I get dibbs on Arcturus. Ahh the feeling of gravity-rejection-expansion, circa 2200...stim packs, no backpacks, but legpacks galore.

How that would be great.

Vrrroooommm! The thundering boom with a metallic titanic vanatic ping of excellent resonance in the chest cavity, it makes your heart race and the race can begin. Down the rockslide tunnel, over the coarse rocks, a few hundred spectators can observe all the action, it's a spherical course and they're on the center. Begamma vibrations..., ON, not off, no, we've got flerdooic cosmos filling our heads...and we're cool, not hot, not warm, not even chilly, cool, like a buckumber, chief vegetable export of the Mers (with an E) colony.
Make that trolony.

The snow falls, it glistens with heat. A warm orange kitchen-lighting/reflecting shadow-littered dense feeling of terror...peace.

OK, now we gotta address those glasses. Well I never got into contacts, but glasses will be the norm eventually anyways:
built-in lcd
eartones (ultra-ears that can also detect such vibrations as are given off by people that will let you in to a person's degree of nervousness, things will be scary:)
anti-aging radiation developments
switchable "phase" viewing formats

In addition, addition will be thematically oriented towards diagrams in ROR (random or rumbling) hadron utilization (maybe some of this is simply my futile attempts to sound funny but you are still reading this, you know)
Imagination will have long passed into rupturization, the act of opening your mind (which is now totally figurative, you cannot even consider your thoughts to be simply coming from the matter inside your skull, but I doubt they do today anyways) and opening your mind to flood your environment with your thoughts, or tegtogs.

Meeting the various people in a hotel, all of whom require tips, can seem annoying for they're all looking to help, all looking to be rewarded, and "now" you can look the gent who brought up your bags (robots could do this but this is a high-class hotel, one of which's amenities is fully humanoid task performance {very much instyle} albeit less perfect [we can however only -hope- to be perfect and only humans can go nearer to the limit/threshold] we just program "dovids") and then upon full concentrated contact with this man's eyes, he immediately owns whatever sum of wadded paper as it once was that you TRULY wished him to become the new possessor of
A year later...I will write again...

Well, there are a few certain things in the death and taxes bla-bla-bla, but although we can all try our best to make it a jolly place, there is only so much that one human can do. I just realized how you can focus your life in certain directions, and you can do nothing more than try your hardest at the thing which you do. Some activities are more worthwhile than others, that is for certain. But whatever task you take yourself to doing, if you feel that it's the best way for you to improve the planet, than there is nothing better than to try your hardest and become the best cow-breeder or pea-shooter.

Just do that thing as well as your neurons and muscles can do it! And do it for your love of it, even if you stink at it. For like Saint Paul said to the Corinthians...(paraphrasing) if you cure diseases, but do it without love, than it was in vain; if you write volumes, but do it without love, than it was all in just remember the beauty that is everywhere in the world, and always dream for the better (see above for some of my random dreams)

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