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Johnny Appleseed.

I taught this lesson to a 2nd grade class. I dressed like Johnny Appleseed. I also designed a felt story to go along with the basal reader. Adapt this lesson however you wish to fit your students. Here is also a worksheet and rubric to go with this lesson:

Proper Noun Sheet


Pre-Kindergarten Ideas

I will have photos for all these ideas as we use them this coming school year (2005-2006). I know it is easier to understand by looking a a picture of the finish product!!

Math Activities:

We will discuss "part" and "whole" using apples. I will talk about a whole apple as being "all" there (no part of it is missing). I will then cut it in half. I will ask students if it is whole (no part missing) by holding one half up. Students will then place whole apples in the whole apple space..and part of apples in the part of apples space. Content Standard: MA 5

I will demonstrate one-to-one correspondence using paper apple. I will have paper apples placed on chart paper. I will begin by placing one apple to match an apple on the chart. I will begin calling students up to do the same. Then, students will arrange paper apples to match paper apples on their own construction paper. Content Standard: MA 2

I will show students a pattern made with apples. I will go over the pattern with them...(ex. red, red, green). Students will then take the apples they have to match my pattern. Students will then record their answers by gluing apples to match my patterns. Content Standard: MA 9

We will have apples that are of different sizes. As a group, we will order them by size on the table. Then, students will be given apples to paste onto paper in order by size. Content Standard: MA 28

We will use our balace scale to measure the weight of 2 apples. We will compare the 2 and record our findings on a data sheet. Students will either dictate their findings or draw a picture to show what happened. Content Standard: MA 27

I will use real apples to demonstrate the next activity. I wish I could use real apples for every lesson..that is not possible with our budget..LOL! We will use language to tell positions of apples. For example, I may have an apple UNDER the table, ON the table, BETWEEN the chairs, etc... I will ask a student.." Sam, will you bring me the apple ON the table?" and so forth. Then, each student will have a chance to paste an apple under, over, on, etc.....based upon my oral directions. Content Standard: MA 21

Science Activities:

I will read the book Apples. I will have real apples (whole, cut, seeds, different colors, etc...) I will have the students observe the apples with their senses. They will then draw their observations. Content Standard: SC 5

Other Activities:

"Which Apple is Your Favorite?" - We design a bulletin board with 3 apple trees (with no apples to begin with). Then, children have a taste test with the apples. I will have 3 apples cut into small piece for each child. One piece of a red apple, one piece of a green apple, and one piece of a yellow apple. They will choose which tastes the best to them. They will write their name on that color of paper apple and paste their apple in that colored apple tree. It is always fun to see which one has the most apples in the end. Content Standard: SE 4 See picture below:

Apple Paintings: Students will use cut open apples to paint with. They will dictate a sentence to the teacher to write in their paper. Content Standard: CE 1

Cut apples in half. Talk about part and whole. (MD 1e)

Cut apples in half and have children paint and make apple prints. (CD 1a)
Have students finger paint leaves and apples on a tree. (CD 1a)