Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Activities


--> Count Brown Bear snack (buy those little brown bear snacks...) Have the children count them as they eat them

--> Order bears, ducks, etc.. from biggest to littlest


--> Mix colors (yellow duck & Brown bear makes...?) Use food coloring and water in clear plastic cups


--> Going on a Bear Hunt

--> Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See? song by Greg & Steve

Writing/Creative Expression:

--> Divide your class in half. Get 2 large white pieces of bulletin board paper. One group stay in the class, the other group go into the hallway. On one sheet write this really large: "Pre-K, Pre-K," then on the other write real large: "What Do You See?" Then, the children can draw the chracters of the story that they remember. The teacher will go around and label what their picture is (for example: "yellow duck" or "purple cat"...etc...). Then, you have a quick and easy bulletin board display that the students designed themselves.

More Bear Themed Ideas...

Math Ideas

Count gummy bears candy, then have fun eating them as you count them
Sort gummy bear candies or bear counters by color. Counters can also be used to sort by size (BIG, Medium, small) depending on they kind you have. I would read Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. Talk about the sizes of the bears, then sort by size!
Favorite Bear Graph: After talking about 4 different types of bears (panda, polar, black, & brown), tell the children to think about their fav. bear. They must tell you something we have learned about the bear as to why it is their fav. You can make a large graph mat on the floor using a shower curtain (use tape to make the grid lines), or draw one on the board using tape to put the bears on it. You can do this in a large group or small groups. After they choose their fav., they can place the bear on the appropriate line. I use cut out bears in different colors to represent the type of bears. We discuss more than, less than, and equal to depending on our graph!

Art Ideas

After reading Polar Bear, Polar Bear, have children use art materials to create thier own Polar Bear. Some materials for polar bears might be: cotton balls, small paper balls, foam balls, white paint (sponge painted), white finger paint, powder sugar, etc...)
After reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear children can make their own brown bears using a variety of art materials: coffee grains, hot cocco mix, tea grains, ground up brown cereal, brown sponge paint, brown finger paint, etc...
Fine Motor practice cutting skills: Have already made large lines on paper that lead up to a small bear picture toward the top. Demonstrate to the children how to hold scissors, and how to cut along the line and how to STOP once they reach the little bear. Have many copies for them to practice with!

Cooking Ideas

Make Polar Bear Paws: I got this idea from a Mailbox magazine. Give each child a vanillia waffer. They will follow oral instructions from the teacher on how to make their paw. (Ingredients: one vanillia waffer for each child, a plastic spoon or knife for each child, enough white icing to cover each child's waffer, enough coconut (fur) to cover each child's waffer, a napkin for each child, and a tube of black icing to make the claws (may want 2-3 tubes to pass around).

Steps: 1st place your waffer on your napkin. Next, get some white icing on your spoon/knife. Then, spread the icing on one side of your waffer. Next, sprinkle enough coconut (fur) to cover the waffer. Then, make your paw 3 or 4 claws (count as you do it)! Now, we can eat our Polar Bear Paws!

More coming soon!!