Dinosaur Theme



**Make dinosaur fossils out of tongue depressors.

**Have pre-cut dinosaur bones. Have students arrange them in any way they would like. Then, they name their dinosaur.



**Have 3 different pieces of paper. Have each labeled separately (land, water, air dinosaurs). After discussing dinosaurs and where they may live, give students a stack of dinosaurs to sort. They will glue into correct place according to whether the dinosaur lives on land, water, or air!

**Count dinosaur counters
**Measure paper dinosaurs (to see which dinos were bigger than others--make sure you make the larger dinosaurs larger, etc...LOL)

**Graph favorites dinosaurs



**After reading a baby dinosaur book, the children drew a picture and dictated a story to me. "If I were a baby dinosaur..."

**Draw a dinosaur and name the dinosaur with their own names: example, if their name was Kayla...the dino name may be "Kayla-op-o-lous"!!


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