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How to Join

Joining is simple, easy, and ..... FREE! There are a few steps to follow, and they are important. Please follow them carefully to avoid complications with the entire 'ring'. Belonging is benefitial to all. Traffic to all the sites will increase, information will be easier to get to, and everyone wins.  

    Make sure that your site qualifies

    Your site is directly related to METAL MUSIC.  

    Your site is NOT a commercial enterprise . 

    The page that you 'register' is the one that will be referenced from the 'ring'. This must be the one that has the "Navigation Bar" on it.More on that below.  

    Now comes the time to register your page. 

    Double click on "Join Now" on the Navigation Bar below.You will be directed to the Ring Joining Room where you submit your site information.  

    Follow the instructions within the Joining Room where your site will be submitted to the ring for review.Once your site has been reviewed and approved by the Ringmaster you will be instructed on how to install the Ring Navigation Bar onto your site.Once you have added the Ring Navigation Bar to your site your site will be added to the ring.

    This is how the above translates as finished.


    Maintaining Your Link

    If you ever have to modify the information do it here!
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