It's story time children..

Sean, And I were at Nic's house practicing for this party he tells us we're going to play THE FUCKING DAY BEFORE THE SHOW!! so we're practing hard as fuck to get this set list down and find some acoustic filler songs sean and i could each do to eat up time, and sean assumed we had this one chick for a drummer but was wrong , so he called up Justin, from nic's back barn, after a few tries he got the right number and asked him(after not talking to him for months) if he wanted to play a show tommorow, he agreed....

The next day began with a few calls back and forth to band members to see who was where, we took the amps and such and put them back in my barn because i reminded sean he couldnt fit all that shit AND the drums in the car at the same time when he arrived with nic at my house, so we did that then we set off.  Seans sister drove us around for a while and after like 2 hours of traffic we finally got up there got on the phone with justin and was going back and forth down this main road till we finally got directions then we were searching for the number on his house and we passed by someone standing on a street corner with long curly hair, shades on , and a phone in his hand, kelly (sean's sister) pulled back the car a bit and he  noticed us and directed us to his house we got out and greeted him and his friend Johnny.  we put his set of ludwigs in the back and after kelly got directions down a backroad from Justin's mom we headed off.  We set to go into K-Mart to get mic since they were cheap and okay there because sean had broken the one we bought the day before (dumbass!!!). I went straight to the electronics section with sean and nic justin and johnny went to the bathroom i think justin went in the one urinal and johnny pissed in the one stall and nic was forced to piss in the trashcan cause he couldnt hold it(lmao). we didnt find it and met john, justin and nic as they were walking towards the electronics then we went back into the parking lot and sean ran across a busy street into radio shack which didnt have mics (bullshit they didnt!!)  then ran to game crazy because a guy he knows that works there is a dj and he thought he might have some equiptment, but he didnt  so we run over to this little music store and pay for this mic and the lady said we could come back and pay her the 15 bucks we didnt have lmao so we bought it  and took it to my house, we set up and got justin a board to set his drums on we got all situated and started with highway to hell moved onto sweet home alabama, then longview, warning, some weezer songs and as soon as we got the feel of working with justin as a drummer sean had us packing up to go , we some how fit all this shit in there, people had amps on there laps and yeah it hurt, so we finally after having to use onstar get to the party, sean gets out and i run around to help him with my amp because it looked like he was loosing grip of my nice amp and one of my pedals fell ou the back and i screamed "SHIT!!" "oh FUCK!!" and sean was like "WHAT THE FUCK, WHAT DIDNT SOMETHING BREAK? GOD DAMN" and i think nic poped his head out the window and was like "what the fuck is goin on?" and he was like well it was like this

stepdad:what are you guys doin here?
sean:we're the band we'
stepdad: the hell you are i heard your fucking language get the fuck out of here!
sean: but..
stepdad: go on i got fucking kids out back and fucking kids across the street and they dont need to hear that kinda fucking shit so go on get the fuck outta here
stepdad:go!! get the FUCK outta here!!

then kelly tried to go reason with him but he wouldnt hear it, i still think he might have been drunk or something i dunno, but still what the fuck, in the process of telling us to leave for swearing he swore way more than we did.

after that we were all starved so justin and johnny ate at burger king while me and sean tried to scrounge up money for food
i was about to eat a few fries that someone droped on the floor but kelly wouldnt let me i ended up getting like a small burger or somthing which wasnt all that filling then we dropped justin and johnny off at someone's house i dunno who's and then kelly to nic to my house and my mom took him home and the night was done.