There comes a time in everyone`s life when it becomes necessary to leave everything you are doing in life at the present....and make a return to the past.To go back to what made you the person you really are inside.This time has arrived for me.To this end,I am retiring from Fighters Anthology permenantly.However,my quest will not stop there.I am leaving the internet intirely.

I have been online for a total of 10 years,and I have made a lot of new friends across the globe.However,it is now time for Mikoeya Alexis Artis to leave everything behind and persue other interests...to FIND my life again.I am going to leave the United States for good and return to my home in England.

I am SURE that at some point in time,if Fighters Anthology continues to live on as it has surprisingly done so this long,you will undoubedly come into the playing lobby and find someone impersonating my "MiG-28" callsign.However,those of you who knew me very well,or have spent ANY time at all watching my unique style of conversation...or my love for starting a rukus every now and then,will EASILY pick out ANY imposters wearing the callsign that I made famous.Most of you know things or have shared conversations with me that ONLY you and I would know about.Therefore,should any imposters ever show up in ANY of my callsigns,claiming to be "THEmigGIRL"...simply ask them a question that only "I" would know the answer to.Youll shut ANY fake "28" down easily and quite quickly in this fashoin.

In the time that ive played FA,ive met some wonderful,and not so wonderfull people out there who shared my interest in flight sims.Noop,Gringa,Sea_Eagle,RedBaronK,Shaft,RafaleC,Hammer,Budman,Osirus,SunTzu,Aggressor,JT_Va1st,EL_Diablo,~Angel~,THEkenBRO,Tecumseh,Dagger,Bhodie,Gomba,Katmandew,Duck,Kewell,Link,PhatCat,Eraser,Mechanic,Quakezone,MiGkilla,Theta,Bountyhunter,GlobalWarrior,2Words4Ya,Cyrix,JhonnyBlaze,Cadet,Wildcat,Broken,Shwingman,WTF(SFISHER),Catfish,Ratt,Hotshot,Diabolico,Sir_Rip,JFC_Shadow,JFC_Kelly,Braindamage_VF84,Wedge_VF84,Southshore_VF84,Mongoose_VF84,Strykeagle,Poison,CI_Vitorro,Centurian,Spike,Maverick,GreenGoblin,Kutha,Lazydog,OneBets2,Peyote,Hoot,RipTorn,HeatStroke,ViperUSA,DarkRain,Hook,DigitalJet,Hitman,NickFury,IRONMAN,Sino-Blitz,Domn8,<--VIPER-->,Rooski,Treeman,Wardog,Seenagg,Jazzz,Gearjammer,MacVSog,KCBlacksheep,Venom,Burner,Ms.Strega,SkullXBones,Crimsun,SilverFox...and so so many more.

But of ALL these,the ones ill miss more that ANY ive names,are WITHOUT a shadow of a doubt...Noop,Gringa,and Sea_Eagle.You three have been the light in my eyes in ALL the years ive know each of you.You are the ones who kept me here all the other times i tried to walk away.My love is with each of the three of you...ALWAYS.
......no goodbyes...just good memories.

I love you all.

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