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The Mighty Reptilla - A powerful 150-foot-tall fire-breathing monster!

A monster with the strength to tear apart an entire city with his bare hands!

A monster with the power to withstand any attack short of a nuclear bomb!

A monster...that happens to like My Little Pony and Dragon Tales?
Hey, with that kind of size, strength and power he can like anybody he wants to!

Actually, the above pictures are scenes from "Yonggary", the giant monster movie from South Korea.
Yonggary is ©2000-2001 Zeronine Entertainment, Ltd.

Well, except for that last picture...I sort of modified that one a little bit.

"Yonggary" is available in the U.S. under the title, "Reptilian".

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My Little Pony is TM & ©1982-2001 Hasbro, Inc. - Godzilla is TM & ©1954-2001 Toho Co., Ltd.

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Dragon Tales is TM & ©1999-2001 Childern's Television Workshop/Colombia TriStar Television Distribution.

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