Answers to Nagging Star Trek Questions

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QUICK Q & A's:

Will there be a 10th Trek Movie?
Yes.  Paramount has greenlighted the screenplay by John Logan (Gladiator, Bats), and production is slated to begin November 2001.  Variety has mentioned that the film (tentatively titled Star Trek: Nemesis) is scheduled for release in Fall 2003, but it doesn't seem to jive with the production schedule--expect it to hit in the fall of 2002 instead (after a little movie called Star Wars Episode II disappears from theaters).  Keep checking for the latest news.

They've taken TNG reruns off my local TV station!  Where will I get my TNG fix?
On TNN.  The former Nashville Network has renamed itself The National Network and is trying to appeal to a broader audience by adding shows like "Miami Vice," "Martial Law," and the WWF to its lineup.  Thanks to VIACOM, which owns TNN and Paramount, TNN will have the exclusive rights to air TNG this fall, DS9 in 2004, and Voyager in 2006.

What's that ship that appears after the Phoenix and before the NX-01 in the opening sequence of Enterprise?
It's not the full-scale version of the model ship Little Jonathan Archer was building and flying in the flashback sequences of "Broken Bow" (the rear ends are completely different and the nacelles are all wrong).  It looks to be a re-envisioning of the S.S. Valiant, a warp-capable ship launched sometime after the Phoenix and before the Enterprise; the Valiant was a crucial element in the story of "Where No Man Has Gone Before," the second pilot of the original Star Trek series.

What did the Klingon chancellor tell Archer at the end of "Broken Bow"?
The Closed Captioning reads:  "ChugDah hegh...Vol'cha vay".
The script reads:   "ChugDah heg:h...volcha va-."
Alan Anderson, a poster on alt.startrek.klingon. posts in all seriousness:  "Thruster death shoulder, darn it!"

From what I could dig up, "DaH" is "now," and "hegh" is "die" (which could go with the whole "Leave now or die" theory that's been going around).  The consensus seems to be that this isn't 22nd-23rd Century Okrandesque Klingon, and you can chalk that up to multiple dialects and languages evolving over centuries.

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