Predating The Matrix by 1 year Dark City is one of the best SciFi movies ever made. 
Well worth trying to find it at your local video store.
Discovered virtual reality 1999
Re-discovered the real world  2002

This picture was the last one taken of me as num_lock

1999 --The excitement of being amongst the first to manipulate the avatar string, then displaying those creations on my own website. Thanks to Thoughtknox, Jetjanitor, Ganjaman and Zaphod_3D
2000 -- Discovering the Shaper and how to build fantastic worlds. Filling them with some of my own custom made .cmp textures was exciting.  Thanks to Heartsong, cr0w and TK1
2001-2 -- Writing a comprehensive tutorial as well as teaching others to use the Shaper via classes in my VRLand world.  Thanks to ViperFox, Penumbrax and Woolvesie. Reconfiguring 100's of textured non-Active World objects and making them available for download was a wonderful challenge. Thanks to Sleesak and Robert. Visiting Worlds Chat Gold with friends was one of the great highlights of my time on Worlds. Thanks to  Woodchip and Undecided.

The History of" was a true pleasure allowing myself and others a glimpse into the evolution of this 3d chat program. Thanks to  Harry_Potter and Mr "_"

The last 4 years on Worlds were spent  making friends  and discovering of what I was capable .
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift....that's why it's called the present.
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Vixenpepsi has most of the worlds which I created in a zipped format.  You can download them @
Thanks VP
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