Your mission:

Make it clear to the world that George W. Bush was never elected. Erase the Ps in front of Resident Bush's name in your hometown newspaper. Make sure the spelling is correct one day on his Residential Library. Never utter the P he does not and never will deserve.

Do your part. Spread the word. Get out the White-Out bottle. Add a link to this site from your Web site. Send us funny (real) photos of your latest erasure.*

This site does not advocate breaking the law, just breaking the P.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sez: in Rolling Stone that George W. Bush stole that P in Ohio in 2004!!!!!!!!
Stolen election 2000
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Stolen election 2004
Electonic voting: how to steal another election
Election fraud

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A statistician says Bush stole it
He stole the election and peed on you. Now repossess his P.
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Steal the P...
Movie stars are all Big-Headed Pygmies!