From: Kirk Anderson
Date: April 1, 2003 10:37:19 AM PST
To: Charles Pecheur 

Hi Charles,

Following repeated suggestions from IVL league supervisors and players,
we are introducing team colors in IVL.  I believe this will
give a renewed sense of team spirit, help everyone identify
their teammates and opponents in the gyms, add visual appeal
and clarity to the games, and improve the IVL play experience
altogether.  To avoid multiple teams choosing the same colors,
which would defeat the purpose, colors have been randomly picked.

The team colors assigned to the Moffettes are:

	purple shirts
	green shorts
	white socks

Effective immediately, all teams should make their best efforts
to wear their team colors for all IVL games.  Considering the
short notice, the rule will not be strictly imposed this season,
but supervisors have been instructed to inform and notify teams
that do not at least partly use their colors.   Next season,
teams will lose one penalty point per game per player not
wearing his team's colors.  The IVL website will be updated
shortly with this new rule.

See you soon on the courts in your new team's colors,

Kirk Anderson/IVL (650)365-2666