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9.03.03 - Two updates in consecutive days! Miracle! There is a very cool New Zealand band around at the moment called Evermore (the name is hardly original I know...) Anyway, they do a really sweet song called 'Slipping Away' which you can download from their website guilt free. Do yourself a favour. It's one of those insidious tunes that works its way into your mind. Click here to download the song then check out their site

8.03.03 - Sorry (again) for the lack of undates, my job has me slaving and that junk Alice has fallen in love and is thus now out of commission. As you have probably noticed we are still camped out here squatting on Geocities. Eventually we will get some hosting sorted out.

I can feel a major site clean-up coming, for me anyway I don't realy feel it represents what I'm about anymore. Damn it, responsibility sucks!

Well, as we slide down the slippery slope to armadeggon (don't give me that 'Limited War' rubbish) here's a little poem by my literary hero Hugh Cook. I don't know how he does it but in any of his writing whether narrative or poetic he somehow gets the point across...I don't know anyone who isn't appauled when they see some of those classic Vietnam war photos showing the effect of war on the innocent. Unless there is some sort of miraculous intervention it's all going to begin again in a week or so.

Once you have read the poem check out his site. He's even posted a couple of his full-length novels on there. They are parts nine and ten of a series but don't be put off as they all intertwine and form stand alone stories in their own right. I have to say *gush gush* that Hugh Cook should now be an incredibly rich and well known and respected author but sometimes things just don't go your way...

Sex Metal

Sex metal zex metal zow metal zap metal -
Look, George, look!
Deadline, D-line, V-line, launch line.
Tank metal, flame metal, bomb metal, launch metal.
Bomb baby burn baby come baby scream baby
Burn baby kick baby launch baby die baby ....

.... and we are inadvertently monochrome,
A flat road,
A girl frozen,
Mouth frozen,
Flesh frozen
In the long forever of fire
Which teaches us nothing.
If history teaches us anything
It teaches us that it teaches us nothing ....

.... and I hand out the photographs of the burning flesh
And we ....
.... discuss ....

Now a helicopter
Picks up the tempo.
The smell of oil, the smell of -
I love the smell of -
The burning smell of -
Her burning smell of -
Her virgin smell of -
Burning hair of -
Burning scream of -
Zex metal sex metal zex metal sex metal
Do metal come metal go metal be metal -
Mate metal do metal be metal burn metal -

Mating and melding with human flesh.

End of poem.
A flat line.
A road.
Paddy field on either side.
The girl is still running her marathon,
Hands held away from her body,
Burnt arms away from burnt body.
I could document this.
War is for adults, death is for children.

Publication details:"Sex Metal" was first posted on the Internet on 02 March 2003.
Copyright © 2003 Hugh Cook. Used by permission.

Hugh Cook link.

The thing that disturbs me most is the IQ level of the American soldiers interviewed in the it just me or do they all seem retarded? With a goofy grin they explain they are there to kick some ass. If you ever doubted that we were in trouble... =/

23.02.03 - See, it pays to watch TV sometimes...I was surfing the music channels and I happened upon a video of some hot looking chicks in the rain. The next bit seriously fucked me up, they started kissing! Some rather rapid surfing transpired and I found out all about Tatu, I know, I'm probably the last person in the universe to hear of them.

Anyway, the point is I was totally amazed at the dumbass anti-lesbian backlash. Apparently a lot of channels won't even play the video just because there are a couple of women kissing. I can't believe that they totally missed the point... THE LESBIANS WERE HOT TEENS IN SCHOOL UNIFORM ... not some hairy scary butch chicks. Gees, get with it~!

9.02.03 - Sheesh, what junks, nearly a month and no update...typical. Please refrain from trying all the links as true to form we still don't have them all up.

As we gear up for another 'Just War' I think it's important to keep an eye on the Big Issues lest we become destracted. There's a terrible plague sweeping the planet and it's time something was done about it. You know what I'm talking about, yeah it's thickshake 'Thickener'. There's only one thing that should thicken a thickshake and it aint some goey powder that makes the whole deal taste like PVA glue. If it aint thickened with icecream, fuck it! Don't drink it.

Do your part by demanding icecream! We can only stop this madness if we band together.

18.01.03 - I've been feeling a bit philosophical but as usual it's turned into a bit of a rant...if you are feeling receptive click the 'Ranting' button...

15.01.03 - Hi all, just got back from a totally kick ass holiday in Thailand and Cambodia, will post a section as soon as I can (be bothered). Just made a wonderful discovery, my favourite author of all time Hugh Cook has finally made a website with lots of his new short stories. If you have a few minutes to spare and feel like reading something a bit different check out: The Hugh Cook Site

Welcome to the brand spankin' new Moldy Crouton website! We finally got off our asses, the old site was getting mighty cluttered and rather out of date.

It's going to take a while to tweak all the links etc so if some things aren't working we apologise. Give us a couple of weeks and it should all be sorted. If not send us abusive emails.

We promise to update more regularly (yeah, sure) so come back often...join us as we attempt to unravel the mysteries of the universe and stuff.

On the site you will find several sections, strangely enough they are exactly the same as the ones listed on the side bar on the left...feel free to click your little heart out.

At this stage it's probably only fair to warn you, if you are easily offended by 'profanity' or (heaven forbid!) 'sexual references' this isn't the site for you. We, however, are offended by such things as censorship, political correctness and ignorance...surely far worse sins than those mentioned above. If you are unwilling to have your thoughts challenged best hit the 'Back' button before it's too late...

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Anyway, enough blah blah, get clicking!

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