The Mommy Group
We are a group brought together by a common bond......we are MOMMIES!  The group began as early Mommy members graduated from WAC [Wanting Another Child] Yahoo Group, to PAL [Pregnant At Last] Yahoo Group, and finally after baby was born, to Mommy.  The group has branched out and new members have joined us who haven't 'graduated' and add a delightful diversity to the group.  We welcome new & old mommies who have time to chat from anything on our kids, DHs, In-laws, to just about everything!  It is a great sounding board when hard decisions come in raising your kids or handling family difficulties.  Please do not hestitate to jump right in, introducing yourself & chatting about the  emails coming to you!
This ribbon is placed here in memory of Kathy Woltman, a Mommy member dearly missed, who died December 2000.  Click on the ribbon to enter her memorial page.
monthly average: 1800+