6/7- New show added at The Downtown. Come out and support us. Everyone is doing well. Let's hear some more chatter on the guestbook. Keep checking back for more monroe updates.

6/5- New site design up. Give Eric U. aka Remly all the respect he deserves for the new site. Come to our show today. Check out shows page for details.

5/18- hey everyone! great news... we finished recording two songs with our new guitarist Sean. the songs are up on purevolume, so check them out and tell all your friends to check them out too! thanks! see you all on sunday at the downtown.

5/16- for those of you who don't already know, monroe has moved on from being a trio and is now a four piece. the first show with our new guitarist will be on May 23rd at the downtown. tickets are only $8, so please come down and show your support. we'll have some pins and cds. good times.

5/11- check out the shows section, 2 new shows were added on Sat May 29th and Sat June 5th. don't forget about the show on May 23rd and the downtown. be there.

5/5- sorry for the lack of updates. monroe has been doing a lot of writing and rehearsing. for the show on may 23rd, we will have a nice young man by the name of sean playing guitar. be sure to get tickets for our may 23rd show at the downtown with moneen and northstar! for a discounted ticket price, email themonroesite@yahoo.com today!

4/13- right. so the new site has been lacking in updates... all of the links to the left are active, however the pages may still be under construction. good news is on it's way. but for now, keep listening to the mp3's and spreading the word. don't forget the show on may 23rd at the downtown with moneen and northstar. we have tickets, so email us for them!

4/5- new site design. hope you like it. it's still under construction though. so for the old site, go here.

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