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Coats of Arms:
Duc de Laurito
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    Welcome to our web site.

     We have included personal thoughts, internet links, maps, stock charts, games, music and an Email shortcut.  So sit back, relax, and have some fun.

     Feel free to Email us and tell us what you think.
    The Monte VI NavBar will help you to navigate around our site.  It will always be located toward the left of each page we have created.

Email Us - directs your Email program to intiate a new message to TheMonteVI@yahoo.com.

Coats of Arms - Duc de Laurito and Le Mont de Ville.

Bits From The VI - a page of your hosts' quick quips.

Photographs - photographs of the VI of us and all of us.

     The Attic -
Bubba's place.
Sailing - pictures of our family cruiser.

Free Net - our guide to free internet services.

Road Maps - online maps and directions.
Stock Mkt - Wall Street's closing numbers and charts.

Games, 007, Zorro - games, 007 and Zorro.

Monte VI Home - returns you to this page.
My Message Board - a bulletin board for our guests.
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