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How to Simplify Your Life - Amy
Results of "Where in the World is Machelle" - Machelle
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How to Simplify Your Life   by Amy

I'm not sure if this will be helpful to anyone, but I thought I would try to give some suggestions on how to simplify your life.  However, I am afraid that the process of simplification is actually quite complex.

First of all, you need to assess three dimensions in your life:  where you have been (your past), where you are (your present), and where you want to be (your future).  This could be a long process, especially if you have a lot of issues, and you know if you do.  Check out every book on personality types and find yours.  If you can't find a type that suits you because you think you are unique (like everyone else), you can just build a conglomorate of personality traits that you like from any or all of the books that you have read.  Then you need to draw a time line of your personality development, any hindrances that have stunted your personality growth or any catalysts that have accelerated the growth.  Then begin to analyze what needs to be developed to become a well rounded person.  In a similar fashion, move ont o assessing goals, likes, dislikes, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, height, weight, relationsihps, IQ, achievements, failures, life experiences, location, career, education, dreams, financial assets, debts, values, risk attituted, religious beliefs, etc.

I have developed a function (which isn't worth the effort to try to type) which factors in all of these elements in the context of past, present and future and reduces it all to a single present value.  When applied to a given situation, you can determine the relative value of each of your options.  Basically, I have foudn that you are the sum of your parts.  This of course is the complex approach to simplifying your life.

Here is a simpler method for simplifying your life.  Larn to say NO.  Get honest with yourself.  Being busy doesn't make you more important.  So throw some of that junk away that you don't need.  Cut the fat in your life, and start focusing on what is really important.  Until you can master taking care of the things that actually matter in life, don't be silly and add more.
The Results of  "Where in the World is Machelle"   by Machelle

I was a little disappointed in the low voter turnout on this one, but it's your loss if you missed out on playing the little game.  See this page for the official results.

This game resulted in two additional "winners".  First there is Kathy:
"Is this barn in Wisconsin?  Because I know where you are.  You're standing right next to me."

Joy Jensen is just plain THE WINNER.  This would have nothing to do with bribes or threats, which we, as a rule, encourage.  Especially the bribes.  Threats I guess we don't encourage so much.  Here is her argument for being THE WINNER:

Dear SibLees - It is a full-time job to try and keep up with you.  I am petitioning to win the "silly voting game".  Here is why I think I should win:

1)  I actually played the game
2)  I picked a place that Machelle had really been living in and quite recently I might add
3)  I actually care about all of you and some of you don't even know me
4)  I am Amy's boss
5)  I am in charge of payroll

VERY CONVINCING.  You win.  Yay!

The next game is very simple.  I am moving to New Orleans in May in only a Toyota Corolla.  What should I keep, what should I get rid of, and what should I do with things I get rid of?  Click
HERE to play*

*If nothing happens when you click above, that's because I'm going to ignore your suggestions anyway.