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Now for less than the going rate of your mom.
Last Updated: 4/09/04, 4:07 AM CST
Hello, all. Sorry about the lack of updates. And, as it's looking, there will be no more, at least from me, and at least for quite some time. This is due to a few reasons, part of which is the hacking of our website, which deleted multiple articles and pages. We plan on carrying out the "Fun With Bigotry" scheme in Kansas, but it appears this may be our last venture. I am choosing to spend my free time focusing mainly on my stand up comedy career. If you wish to continue reading any of my writings, you can read my blog, which is located here. Perhaps Tom and Nick will carry on the legacy, but since they are terribly lazy, self-absorbed, concieted bastards, I highly doubt it. Take care, loyal readers. E-mail me at my college address: isac0009@umn.edu.

The Monthly Daily has recently been awarded the coveted "Bottom 95% of all Web Sites" by Pointless Communications for 2004!!

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