The New Bean's Page o' AD&D Adventure Modules
Now the legalities are over:

Filename Format Size Levels Description RTF 80k Varies Five pretty decent, related modules. RTF/MS Word+BMP 651k 9-12 Earth Temple of the Elder Elemental God
Set in Greyhawk. First in the Lost Temple of the Elements pentology.
Can be stand alone or played in sequence. RTF/MS Word+BMP 862k 9-12 Air Temple of the Elder Elemental God
Set in Greyhawk. Second in the Lost Temple of the Elements pentology.
Can be stand alone or played in sequence. RTF+BMP+JPG 1585k 9-12 Fire Temple of the Elder Elemental God
Set in Greyhawk. Third in the Lost Temple of the Elements pentology.
Can be stand alone or played in sequence. RTF+JPG 670k 9-12 Water Temple of the Elder Elemental God
Set in Greyhawk. Fourth in the Lost Temple of the Elements pentology.
Can be stand alone or played in sequence. RTF/MS Word+JPG 573k 12-15 The Elemental Crypt
Set in Greyhawk. Fifth in the Lost Temple of the Elements pentology.
Can be stand alone or played in sequence. RTF+BMP 18k 4-7 The Aardvark's Den
A quick adventure for a fast paced game. RTF+BMP 170k Varies Maps, modules and characters. ASCII 5k Adjustable The Haunted Tower of Ashaf
Set in Mystara. ASCII 8k Medium Bandits
Very hack n' slash. Personally I would recommend a powerful party or a few fighters. RTF 7k Low Bandits
The PCs are hired to solve a series of attacks on local farms.
No relation to RTF 28k 68 NEW!11/6/00
Mines of Barule
Avatar of an evil deity desires to conquer the world and has established a stronghold in the depths of a long abandoned mine. Will the party of brave adventurers manage to find and destroy him?
For 5-7 characters of level 6-8 of around 45 total levels. RTF+GIF 84k 3-5 The Blackrock Brothers Abroad ASCII 23k 8 The Black Pyramid of the Ancient Cloakers RTF 23k 7-9 Bloodbane Keep
The adventurers must decide how to rescue a group of kidnapped children from a remote and well-protected castle, and what to do with them afterwards.
This seems to require an external map however there is none in the archive. Can anyone provide more info? RTF+GIF 75k 2-5 The Catacombs of Farthis
The PCs explore the catacombs under the reclusive village of Farthis to discover the grim fact that something much more complex is going on than some small village wealth.
New sequel to The Farthis Village! PS 19k 3-5 Cathedral of the Dead ASCII+BMP 20k Low NEW!11/6/00
The Caves of Torment
A simple dungeon ideal for introducing new players to the game. ASCII+BMP 22k 4-8 The Temple of the Chained Demon (two quests) RTF 4k 1-3 The Charnel God
Fighters suggested, thieves and clerics useful. RTF 7k 1-3 When Children Play
What makes a good pet? Ranger recommended. RTF+JPG 469k 6-9 The Chillwater Treaty
The peace treaty between a tribe of giants and a human mining village has been broken. Are you up to the task of restoring the peace? RTF 4k High What a City!
Small conflict based sideline. ASCII+GIF 593k 1 Clarshh's Sepulchre
Involves both a treasure hunt and a dungeon adventure. It takes place in a wilderness ruin, adaptable to any campaign setting. RTF+BMP+GIF 213k 6-8 The Cauldron of Bhon HTML+GIF 21k 1-3 The Cult of Pestilence
Set in Greyhawk. RTF+JPG 120k 5-8 Dagon's Quest
PCs hired to clear ruined fort of land-walking sea monsters. Includes underwater exploration and combat. ASCII+BMP 302k 6-8
The Night of the Living Dead
What source of power can bring the dead to rise? Spellcasters essential. RTF+GIF 65k 6-10 The Demon's Return RTF+GIF 42k 5-6 Dhowin's Rest
Now with maps!
GONE! RTF 23k 5-7 The Displaced RTF 2k Medium Set in Dragonlance. Rescue Raistlin from goblins with Caramon's help. RTF+BMP 57k 9 Dragon Kill
Some men are not meant to be trusted. Can be set in Spelljammer or a generic campaign. ASCII 13k 6-9 Disaster Within
Well written adventure for a 6-8 PC all-Dwarf party. RTF+GIF 33k 3-5 Ecclesias' Bane ASCII+JPEG 48k 10-15 The Eldrich Path ASCII+GIF 53k 4-8 Holy Order of the Eternal ASCII+GIF 45k 5-10 Façade ASCII 24k 2-4 Family Secrets
Set in Forgotten Realms.
Some secrets are better left unrevealed. Stunning adventure with emphasis on role playing. RTF+GIF 198k 1-3 The Farthis Village
The PCs investigate a rumoured treasure in a small backwards village named Farthis located in the heart of the Groslen Woods. ASCII+JPG 186k 6-8 Fiends of Tethyr
Set in Forgotten Realms but easily adapted. RTF 20k 6-9 The Final Journey
Set in Thyatis. Requires at least one fighter and one thief. The characters are hired to escort the body of a famous gladiator back to his hometown. Unbeknownst to them, the coffin contains magical weapons which others would be willing to kill for... RTF 2k 3-4 Final Resting Place ASCII 24k 7-9 Fire and Ice
Set in Forgotten Realms.
Characters brave the glaciers of the North to challenge dragon in their lair and save a barbarian tribe. RTF 26k 2-4 Survival of the Funniest
Can the PCs survive the final test of Jalzannel "The Joker", a wild mage of dubious repute... or will they die laughing?
Update to RTF 10k Total 8 The Orcs of Galazar
Suitable for a high-magic, high-slaughter campaign. RTF+BMP 24k Medium Garden
A pirate or military base on the planet Garden in Realspace. RTF+GIF 295k 8-10 NEW!11/6/00
The Map to Gholand Keep
Does the map you have really show the location of the legendary fire giant's keep - and do you suppose he left anything valuable behind? Can be used as a paladin's quest to recover a holy sword, or as a simple treasure map adventure. RTF+GIF 24k 1-2 We're off to kill the goblins... ASCII 4k 1 The Ransom at Goblin Rot
Rescue the blacksmith's son. RTF+GIF 56k Medium Gone Fishing PDF 29k God knows NEW!11/6/00
The Tower of Guldar Heel ASCII 10k 4-8 The Harvest of Souls
The PCs are unwittingly sent to rescue a demon child. ASCII+GIF 182k 4-7 House of the Hawk campaign setting
Complete campaign with maps of dungeons and surrounding areas. Includes optional rules too. May be of some use to someone... ASCII+JPG 601k 5-12 Honour Amongst Thieves
Designed for set characters (included) but may be adjusted as needed. ASCII 12k 5-7 The Hunter of Men, Part II
Set in Forgotten Realms, The North. ASCII 9k 2-4 Intruders In Darken Wood
Adventure for one Druid. ASCII 1k Adjustable Small description/concept for an adventure. Good follow-on to ASCII 6k Medium Well written murder/mystery style adventure. HTML+JPG 1058k 1 The Four Seasons of Jivaldi
A small, nice and almost quiet village is going through hard times with some not so ordinary wolves. The party should NOT include any druids or clerics with the animal sphere of spells. One ranger should be good. RTF 9k 5-8 The Jolly Greenhag's Giants ASCII 7k High The Search for the Dysfinia
Set in Ravenloft. RTF 657k Low Kailigor, The Raven
Followup to Tower on the Hill. Several+PCX 126k 9-12 The Keep...
Comes in ASCII, Works and MS Word formats. Suggested at least one priest and magic user. ASCII 18k Varies Several small descriptions/concepts for adventures. RTF 9k 4-10 A Kiss of Death
Low combat adventure. The players must actually use their brains to win. ASCII+BMP 9k 3-4 The Ruins of Kraal
Fairly easy module for reasoably low level characters with lots of monsters to kill. ASCII 3k 3-4 The Lair of Thieves
Requires at least one thief. RTF 12k 7-9 The Last Resting Place
Set in Thyatis but adaptable. Requires at least one cleric. A dragon's search for peace will not prevent it from trying to grab any chance at an extra few years of life. ASCII 63k 5-12 Law vs. Chaos
Unique dungeon for one or two competing parties of adventurers. RTF 11k 3-6 The Legacy of Carenlyn
Set in Forgotten Realms. Four to six players will be challenged to creature after creature, and expected to live through it all to gain the glory of finding the legendary blade, Carenlyn.
As suspected, this is crap. Download if you want but it is incomplete and tacky. I might remove it soon. RTF+TIF+BMP 218k 5-8 The Legend of Aaringway
Set in a slightly modified Greyhawk. Why kill them when you can abandon them on a deserted island? RTF+GIF 50k Medium Let's Play Ball
Set in Hollow World. The characters are engaged to find a missing crawler. RTF 16k 3-5 The Tower of Lizards
Romance. Players investigate a series of diamond robberies and get drawn into a romance, complete with rescuing a maiden in a tower. Suggest good alignment and magical weapons which will be necessary to defeat some of the monsters. RTF+GIF 113k 6-9 The Lost Mine of Klangdensturm
Are you brave enough to face the perils of the Underdark and reclaim a dwarven mithril mine from the fell creatures that now inhabit it? A dungeon-crawl style adventure set in the underdark. RTF 61k 8-10 Lure of the Serpent
Set in Forgotten Realms. RTF+BMP 9k 2-5 NEW!11/6/00
The PCs are hired to find the culprit behind a murder in a small village. RTF+GIF 86k 7-9 The Mace of Infirmity
As if a town overrun by zombies wasn't bad enough... Can be played independently, or as a follow up adventure to the "Vault of Evil Opened". ASCII 7k Adjustable The Mage's Fair RTF+BMP 16k 3-6 NEW!11/6/00
The Mirror of Fat Mathilda RTF+GIF 52k 6-10 Molcrum and the Mage RTF+GIF 15k 1-2 Discovery of the Tomb of Mogrelden
Was sheltering from the rain in that cave really such a good idea? RTF 40k 6-10 A Moral Dilemma
Set in Forgotten Realms. RTF 120k 1-3 NEW!1/23/01
Motive for Adventure
One of my own campaigns, in Motive the players are hired by a "good" wizard to slay an "evil" one. But things aren't always as simple as they seem... RTF+GIF 462k 4-7 NEW!11/6/00
The Isle of Mulb-Thekek
The PCs are commissioned by the small of port town of Waith to investigate the disappearance of merchant ships along its trade route. The PCs are sent to the reclusive Isle of Mulb-Thekek to search for answers. RTF+GIF/PCX 375k 11+ To Rescue a Friend
A friend is dying and no one knows why. The only remedy may found an old legend. Can you save him in time? RTF+JPG 52k 10 Night of the Tanarii RTF 22k 1-2 No Rest for the Dead HTML 4k God knows The Oldthanns' Necklace ASCII 8k Low An Oriental Adventure
Set in an Oriental campaign. RTF+BMP 64k 2-4 Paladin of Ethdale
The town of Ethdale is being oppressed by Paladins! Or is there more to this than there seems? The PCs are hired to find the truth... ASCII 249k Varies Collection of plot ideas and small adventures. ASCII 5k Medium Another well written murder/mystery style adventure. RTF+GIF 91k 8-10 The Return of the Prodigal Son
Set in Thyatis. Requires at least one cleric and one thief. Concerns the mysterious disappearances of a number of beggars in an area known as Axetown. ASCII+GIF 91k 1-5 The Olde Abby Dungeon
May require at least one psionicist or similarly empowered magic user. RTF+GIF 56k 7-9 The Lost Pyramid
GONE! RTF 7k 1 Quest 1.0 - The Beginning
GONE! RTF+JPG 89k 1-2 Quest 2.0 - Slow Death
GONE! RTF+JPG 549k 4-5 Quest 3.0 - Temple of an Elder God
GONE! RTF 11k 5-6 Quest 4.0 - Thwarting the Plan
This may or may not be incomplete as it was sent and converted by a third party. RTF+GIF 77k Medium Dr Quilto's Secret
Original D&D adventure? The PCs stumble upon the aftermath of a wizard's experiment into creating new species of animals and plants. The PCs will face magical and mundane traps as well as unique monsters. RTF 21k 7-9 Rake's Hold
Adventurers are hired to get a cloak from a weaver and end up in the midle of a demon's stronghold. Splatterfantasy with nightmares attached. Tough fighters required and a cleric would be extremely useful. RTF+PCX+JPG 94k 7-9 The Test of Randor the Great
The late King Randor tested his knights to see if they where worthy of his service. Now long forgotten, you find yourself within the Test of Randor the Great. Are you worthy enough to survive? ASCII 12k 3-5 Disappearances in Stilldorf RTF+GIF 122k Medium The Tower of Refuge
Very nice looking adventure. The PCs venture to a mysterious wizards' tower... HTML 8k High Resurrection ASCII+JPG 17k Low Revenge of Doppleganger Band
Set in Forgotten Realms.
Very nice! Almost entirely NPC interaction, role-playing and investigation. ASCII+JPG 32k Low Revenge
Hunt down the slayers of that innocent family. Or something.
No relation to RTF 90k 1-3 NEW!11/6/00
Riddle Me This!
Map currently not available. Should be here soon. ASCII+BMP 13k 1-2 Ruined Temple
Requires at least one priest. ASCII 2k High Attack of the Satyrs RTF+BMP 13k 1-5 Scouts
Plenty of combat for those who lead a more bloodthirsty campaign. RTF+JPG 280k 7-9 Secret War of the Black Sun
The PCs must join forces with the Drow to stop a greater evil from swarming the realms. Could pose some interesting situations if one is playing with decent players. RTF 7k 2-4 The Lost Shepherd
Some mages simply are not what they seem.
shoon' ASCII 36k 7-10 Shroon's Legacy
Set in Forgotten Realms. Requires at least one paladin and magic user. RTF 7k 2-8
Short followup to Scouts. RTF+GIF 92k 5-7 The Slaver's of Thin-gala RTF+GIF 38k Medium The Nightstalker of Markesh
The PCs investigate some puzzling murders. RTF 102k 9-12 The Stone Lord
Very nicely presented, well-written module with a quite indepth plot! Recommends several strong warriors and at least once cleric. ASCII+GIF 15k High The Tomb of Taranthis, The Dark Lord ASCII+BMP 23k 4-7 Assault on the Good Temple of Rannance RTF 53k 1 The Awake RTF+BMP+GIF 143k 3-6 The Dungeon
A dungeon where the PCs must fight some monsters and solve puzzles. ASCII 34k 4-6 The Possessed Library
Set in Spelljammer. PCs require at least one magical weapon and a ship. RTF+BMP 46k 3-6 The Relic
The PCs venture through a dungeon to find a lost relic. ASCII 7k 7-9 Set in Middle Earth with AD&D rules. RTF 54k 1 Thieves' Guild
Set in Forgotten Realms
The PCs eliminate the growing influence of a thieves' guild in the region. ASCII 36k 6-8 Return to the Throne, Part 1 of 2 RTF+BMP 25k Medium Tilverton Tunnels
Can you help those who refuse to help themselves? RTF+JPG 440k Max 5 Tower on the Hill
This adventure takes the players on a tough journey through a cursed forest on to the tower of an old wizard. In the tower they must rescue the wizard from a curse, face many foes and find plenty of treasure (if they look hard enough). Unknown!+BMP 28k 12-16+ Curse of Undeath
Requires at least one cleric, magic user and fighter. Recommend at least one paladin, thief and bard. RTF+GIF 154k 7-9 Unnatural Selection
A mission of mercy into a plague-ridden duchy turns out to be a bit more complicated. Can be played independently, or as a follow up adventure to the "Vault of Evil Opened". ASCII+BMP 16k 1-2 Excellent introductory dungeon for a small party.
GONE! RTF+JPG 502k 7-10 The Vault of Time RTF+GIF 98k 6-10 The Vault of Evil Opened ASCII 6k 6-8 Set in Middle Earth with AD&D rules. RTF 11k 4-6 What You Don't See...
A puzzle-solving adventure. A unicorn has gone missing and the forest is becoming corrupted. Can you figure out why and set things right before time runs out? RTF 3k 1-3 Touch of Winter

These modules are from many authors and FTP/WWW sites including:

Alan's Dungeon Master Tools
Very good Mystara-based site with assorted computerized tools for DMs available for download.

The Dungeon
Well presented site with free downloadable modules, riddles and traps.

Garry Sled's Web Page
Author of Quest 1.0, Quest 2.0, Quest 3.0, Quest 4.0 , The Displaced and The Vault of Time.
These adventures have been converted from MS Word to RTF and their filenames have been condensed somewhat. Also, maps and text have been merged into one archive.
The originals are available at his web site along with some other miscellaneous AD&D material...

This website appears to be down. I have heard Rumours that Mr Sled was plagarised at an RPG convention and has removed his modules from most websites. I suggest you grab these now. If Garry Sled contacts me and asks me to remove them I will not hesitate.

Oedipus' RPG Page
David Sarkie's hompage. Author of Dragon Kill, Garden, Night of the Tanarii, Paladin of Ethdale, Secret War of the Black Sun, The Lost Shepherd, Tilverton Tunnels and When Children Play. Apparently these works were rejected from Dungeon magazine for various reasons. If you ask me, they are definately better than some of they trash they publish...

Henrik Ertzeid's Homepage
Author of A Kiss of Death, Scouts and The Siege.

Carlinious's Realm of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
Frank J Matarese's homepage. Author of Tower on the Hill and its sequel, Kailigor, The Raven. I sincerely hope we get more of his work! This adventure is a marvelous piece of art. Full of pictures and perfectly documented. I usually encourage people to hack and change modules as required by their campaign but this one was so nice I sincerely believe it would be a crime to mark it.

The Necronomicon
Andrew Rochester's homepage. Author of Survival of the Funniest, Lure of the Serpent and A Moral Dilemma.

The Assassins
Tim's homepage. Author of The Tower of Guldar Heel.

Paul M. Rokuskie
Author of The Lost Temple of the Elements Pentology.

Kristian "SSM" Lund
Author of,, and most of which are somewhat related in plot, characters and style. Notably his adventures leave room for the DM to adapt them to his campaign.

Thomas J. Broadfoot
Author of The Keep... and The Test of Randor the Great.

Jay Winebrenner
Author of The Farthis Village, The Catacombs of Farthis and The Isle of Mulb-Thekek. Highly commendable works for readability and plot. Particularly good for starting a new campaign!

Author of The Ruins of Kraal, The Caves of Torment and The Mirror of Fat Mathilda.

Ricardo Soeiro
Author of The Dungeon and The Relic.

Jeff Wrbelis
Author of The Stone Lord.

Jerry Jensen
Author of Intruders in Darken Wood.

Gebhard Blucher
Author of The Cult of Pestilence.

Flip Francisco
Author of The Cauldron of Bhon.

Galen Ciscell
Author of What You Don't See....

DM Dave
Author of Riddle Me This!.

Author of Mines of Barule.

Author of Lycanthrope.

James Lutz
Author of The Legend of Aaringway and The Night of the Living Dead.

Blue Troll
Author of The Four Seasons of Jivaldi.

Marko Picek
Author of Revenge of Doppleganger Band and Thieves' Guild. If Marko could contact me, I will put up his email address.

If I've forgotten anyone please let me know for an immediate addition of your name and/or homepage!

If you cannot find a module here to suit you may wish to check TSR's own web site at They have a few out of print modules for free distribution which I was unable to supply on this site for legal reasons. I don't believe TSR would get upset over it really (they could probably sue me for simply not putting a TM or © on their names whenever they appear) but I think it's better not to try and push my luck.