Five Percenters

Ok, seriously, I know for a fact that I'm one of the most open minded people on the planet, I don't really care if you disagree because I'm fairly certain that you're wrong. But even a man such as myself has limit. I respect most religions, seeing as how I'm a pretty religious person. Some people may call my religion bullshit, but Five Percenters, you have pissed me off, and your religion is one of the VERY few out there that I am bold enough to outright claim that it is my opinion that YOUR RELIGION IS BULLSHIT. This may and probably WILL offend, but read the home page and you'll see that I'm not concerned.

Now for some history.

The Five Percent Nation of Islam, known to insiders as The Nation of Gods and Earths was started by an NOI (Nation of Islam) dude named Clarence 13X. Now it was a belief of the NOI that God had appeared in the form of a black dude in Detroit around 1930 i believe, named Farad Muhammed. NOI taught that the 'Original Black Man' is God, but Clarence 13X with his super detective like awareness figured that Farad COULDN'T be God...but why? BECAUSE HE LOOOOOOKED WHITE. Oh my, what superior logic. A guy who looks white CANT be black, nevermind all the bright skinned African Americans. Thumbs up to Clarence. It was later believed that Farad was probably Middle Eastern. But I guess you have to be purely born black to be God. I'm not sure why...

So then out of nowhere Clarence just started telling people that Black Men collectively were God. And to prove his point, he changed his name from Clarence 13X to Allah. His followers called him "Father Allah".

So why 5%? Well according to Clarence, only five percent of black men are aware of their divinity or have "knowledge of self". Note: there was no actually census of survey or statistical analysis done. The number may be symbolic, but either way it was pulled directly out of Clarences ass. Apparently Black men have 'hidden resources' that once tapped into that person then becomes a God. To prove their point they refer to each other as God, or Divine.

"What up, God?"

85% of the people are the blind who don't know the truth, and will eventually destroy themselves because of their ignorance. 10 percent are the people who know the truth but decieve the masses (the 85%). This includes Christians and orthodox Muslims, and ...the white devil.

Of course, since black people are collectively God, White people are collectively the Devil. It only makes sense. Because those ARE the only two ethnicities. So basically, according to the 5%er, If you are of European descent, you are EVIL, no buts about it. Sorry my fair-skinned fellows. You ARE THE DEVIL. This belief is not unique to the 5%ers, though, it is carried on from the Nation of Islam. But its okay, they justify the generalization quite effectively.

You see, about 6000 years ago (according to both the NOI and 5%ers) white people were CREATED BY AN EVIL SCIENTIST NAMED YACUB. You really don't know how bad I deeply wish I was making this up. YES, THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT. AN EVIL SCIENTIST CREATED THE EVIL RACE OF WHITE DEVILS IN A LAB SOMEWHERE AT ABOUT 4000 BC. I guess just to piss the black divine off, or something like that.

The five percenter's goal (or to them, inevitable accomplishment) is to teach the 'truth' and save the 85% from destruction. Once you save them you won't be just 5% any more, now will ya?


Now I give props where props are due:

5%ers are generally very very articulate, and usually have very well developed oral skills.

They're also usually very well mannered, except when they get around white people.

They usually respect women, despite the fact that they believe that Women are utterly inferior to men.

They generally have a great deal of self worth and self respect. They ARE God, right?


but other than that my elite friends, YOUR RELIGION IS STUPID. Sorry for being juvenile. And I know some kid out there probably thinks my religion is just as stupid, but I disagree, and I don't care.

But go on with your lives and your silly religion.


oh and a side note, you'd think GOD could make a prettier website.