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A little more about me

I have lived near Columbus all my life. I grew up here, and I'm not sure that's a good thing - then again, I actually grew up in a little chunk of suburbia cast way out in the sticks, not in Columbus itself. The problem is that my parents commuted to their daily jobs, and I went to a suburban school - everything about my live was suburban, except for all the nice conveniences. My school mates always talked about riding their bikes to friends' houses or the Dairy Queen or whatever else, but where could I go? In my "neighborhood" there is this tiny little strip mall, formerly called the Shortstop, now the Darby Mart. It consists of one anchor grocery-store-wannabe which has only stayed afloat by price gouging, and several little shops that come and go like the tides. Since the construction and growth of the new adjacent subdivision, those shops have stabalized, however, but it is still not much. Besides, the damage has been done.

You are probably thinking that I am a whiny guy who likes to complain. I now see that this description of my neighborhood is a bit overdramatic, but I was on a roll. Really it wasn't too bad growing up where I did; in fact that's part of who I am. Still, I have decided to keep it in. The cynicism is just too good.

An overview of Columbus

Map of Columbus - Click to Enlarge

One way to think about Columbus is as one gigantic college town, built around one gigantic college. It seems like at least once a week you will see a car with an OSU student parking hand tag. While Columbus is a the location of world headquarters for many international corporations, (Nationwide Insurance, Wendy's, Bank One, just to name a few) they all seem to have interns from Ohio State.


All transportation in Columbus depends on roads and highways. This is not a good thing, considering that most of the roads and highways in the area are in desperate need of improvement. Mass transportation is handled by COTA - Central Ohio Transit Authority. At present, COTA moves people solely with buses. By 2008, however, there should be a light rail line between downtown and the North Side. When it actually happens depends on when and if voters approve a sales tax increase, though federal funding has already been approved.


In Columbus, the biggest sports focus has historically been on the Ohio State Buckeyes football team and the Columbus Clippers, the minor-league farm team for the Yankees. Recently, however, more attention has been drawn to the big-league professional sports with the MLS team, the Columbus Crew, (I believe this to be a reference to the frequent road construction in the area) and the NHL team, the Columbus Blue Jackets. As far as the NFL goes, most locals root for the Browns. Finally, in MLB, we have Indians fans, Yankees fans, and a few Reds fans. Really though, I don't follow sports too much so that's about all I am qualified to say.



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