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Ljungman AG-42B
VIDEO! Hello, and welcome to the Ljungman AG-42B page. As a "m/42b" Owner myself I have found, by surfing the internet, that information on this fine Swedish Semi-Auto is few and far between. So I have decided to create this page to house pics and info on the Ljungman to aid fellow Owners and Fans of the Rifle. "DISCLAIMER": I clame no credit for anything on this page (unless it is stated) and no copyright infringment is intended. If any one has a comment or would like to add something to the page, please feel free to Email me or sign my Guestbook and I'll try my best to help. Enjoy the page! Updated: AUG/11/05 NEW! Scope Your AG42B
For all thoes who asked how, this txt file explains how one man did it. Special thanks to Jim for this one. Click here!
AG42B Night Sites. I need them to compleet my rifle.  I will buy them if anyone has them.
Get the AG-42B Owners Manual in Acrobat format here!
PICS! More Pics!
Get a compleet breakdown of the Ljungman here!
My AG42B!
Solder with an Ag42B
Get the breakdown parts list here!
My Ljungman after a sucessful Caribou hunt in Newfoundland
An Artical I found on the Web. Very informative.
AG42B With a Hi-Cap Magazine (MG-13)
General Information
Country of Origin: Sweden
Semi-Automatic (Direct Gas)
Chambering: 6.5x55mm Swedish Service
Magazine Capasity: 10 Round Detachable
Front Sight:
Adjustable "Post"
Rear Sight:
Adjustable "Noch"
8in "Sword" Type
In Production:
1942 ~ 1962
Over-all Length:
1214mm (47.8in)
622mm (24.5in)
6 Groves, rh
4.71kg (10lb, 60oz)
Erik Eklund
Manufacturer: Carl Gustaf
Canadian Firearm Class:
The Swedish Garand
A Ljungman with a scope? Click here and believe!
Ljungman Parts!
If you can read Spanish...
The Ljungman with Bayonet
House Of Karlina
(Swedish Mausers)
A Ljungman with all the Accessories
The "FM/56" A Selective Fire AG42B Prototype!!
Selecting The AG42B Presets for different Bullet types!
Loading A Clip For the AG42B (Link)
The Original AG42!
Reading Stock Disc
Wondering what factory ammo to use in the AG42B? I sugguest BELL 139gr, SP. Great Groupings.
"HAVE YOU SEEN ME?!"  These two images are the only pics I could find of this rifle, (Danish Madsen) So if anyone else knows where to find others please E-mail me!
Also, if anyone has or knows where to get a MG-13 Magazine IN CANADA (Shown Here), the AG42B "Barrage" Night Sights (Shown Here), or a "Blank Firing Adaptor, I'm always in the market to buy. Thanks! -Jason
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Created: March 14th, 2004
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