'Mother Sun long gone,
Sister Moon sitting high among the starfields,
Jackwolf howls to the north,
Pack answers ~
Come on home friend,
- Garth Ennis
visitors since 25th August 2001
OK so if this is your first visit to this site let me explain some things.  This site was set up as the basis for an MSN chat role play.  Since thats ....well lets be kind and just say it caught cold and died, this whole site has been going to waste.  I've finally gotten of my ass and decided to do something about that.
I have already some pages about werewolf related topics, the Beast of Gevaudan and the little page on lycanthropy you see linked to at the top of the page.  I will be adding to the lycanthropy page, adding a small gallery of furry artwork I've found around the net, reviews of books and television programs to do with werewolves and maybe, if I can pluck up the courage I'll add my fantasy stories based on the Seven Clans here as well, that's if I finish them as well......don't ask.
Anyways, that's what this site is about and why it looks crap right now, but even as your reading this I am working on the stuff to add, just bear with me.
Also if ANYONE out theres wants to submit some reviews etc, please feel free to send them
Wait until I have some of my own reviews up so you get the idea and know what I'm looking for.  And please mark the e-mail subject CLEARLY!  I won't open unmarked e-mails.  I think thats advice for us all.
Much thanks in advance for everything.
December Wolf.

Oh while your here I recommend checking out a new film called Dog Soldiers.  The offical website is