The Show Online is based off the radio show of the same title out of a Chicago Suburban College-formatted station - WARG 88.9FM and another college station - WCRX 88.1FM. It broadcasts weekly, every Thursday evenings from 7pm to 9pm. It's soul purpose is to introduce commercial-radio listeners to non-commercial music and also introduce non-commercial lovers to other non-commercial music.

We believe that the way society is today it is filled with people, mainly corporations, telling people what they should be listening to. We rebuttle against this and give people the freedom to listen to whatever they want to! We give the non-commercial word a chance to be heard.

We are always up for suggestions and always are looking for new music. If you don't see any bands on this site that you know and love...or at least admire, e-mail us and tell us about them and we'll look into them and possibly add them to our ever updating playlist.

Thanks goes to Bill who suppies us with 1/2 (a.k.a. "the better half") of the playlist. Also to Trey...he supplied a lot of our imports and REALLY hard to find CD's. Also Sandy, without her we wouldn't have any Retro! And Melissa, who has been so busy making other people "sound better" she hasn't let herself shine in the spotlight...

Mike Myers who has now become "the voice" of The Show. Plus we must give credit and thanks to our sources, Billboard, Sonicnet, Rolling Stones, the record labels, Ice and AP magazines and the Virginights.

Last, but certainly not least, Pam and the District 217 Board of Education, especially Dave Otto, for coming up with the great Alumni Show idea. Thanks for this great opportunity for which helped launch the creation of The Show's entity! Also to Ilene who keeps "The Show" going.

And of course to ALL the visitors who took the time to check out The Show Online...we hope to keep serving you week in and week out and make sure to tell people about us!!!!

Let us not be a dying breed.





The Show Online

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