311 - 9/26/01 @ the Riviera

“Who’s got the herb?!” was asked mid-set of tonight’s 311 show by lead vocalist Nicholas Hexum as they broke into that track. This wasn’t a show for the average radio listener who know of a band called 311, this was a fan show…even I consider myself a “fan” and still didn’t know most songs.

The set started off after the openers One Size Zero with ”beautiful disaster” then followed by several new hit off their latest album, “From Chaos”.

The band was in top shape, and in shape…they seemed to equal out each of their albums, playing the hits like “down”, “all mixed up” "flowing” and their newest single “I’ll be here awhile”…yet noticing they missed “come original” off their Soundsystem album. Then they went into the much less commercialized Grass Roots album and other "hits" like "freak out and "do you right."

The band broke into a mid-set drum solo…first drummer Chad Sexton, then followed by Nicholas, Tim, Count Sa and P Nut who each had their own large drums in front of them.

The lights make or break a show at time, in my opinion, that’s what makes a show…especially if the show is bad...the lights make it all better...yet this was a great show, so the lights just added to it...hell, they didn't even lights at times to make this show great!

The crowd was your average hard punkers and rockers, no mix this time as I have seen in other shows. Since the weather is getting colder the typical hooded sweatshirt was on everyone and under that an old 311 tour shirt.

The less moshing, more crowd surfing crowd chatted several “U.S.A.”s' leaving Nicholas to comment on how we all need to believe in ours selves and our country.

The set lasted a good 90 minutes, leaving the commercial 311 fans wanting to know more about this band and leaving the old skool 311 fans happy. This band has showed that it may be growing up, but it isn’t selling out.

--Todd, Chicago - iownu2@yahoo.com

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