Badly Drawn Boy - 5/6/01 @ Metro

I thought I would take a chance. The music of Badly Drawn Boy was all new to me. I've never heard any of it. Only thing I knew about them, was the glowing reviews and awards by critics. I read they were playing at Metro and tickets were a reasonable $15. So I thought I would go to Metro and see if tickets were available and buy one and then go buy the album they just put out, "The Hour of Bewilderbeast". Lo and behold, I did just that. And man, what an album! The critics are right. So I was psyched. Badly Drawn Boy consists of mainly one man, Damon Gough. He seems like a strange one man, I might add. The show was just great. I got up close. He came out and shook people's hands. Mine included. I'm not going to wash it for a month!!! J/K!! Damon had a constant cigarette out of his mouth. It also looked like to me, he was drinking beer and coke. Not the healthiest musician I've ever seen. Played most if not all of their songs off the new album. He even played "Thunder Road" from Springsteen. I've read he is a major fan. Damon was funny as hell, also. I think Badly Drawn Boy would have played all night, but it was a all ages show at the Metro. And I think the law is that you have to stop at ten. The show was on a Sunday, so I'm not sure if the day has anything to do with it. They fudged and ended it at 10:10 P.M. If you have a chance to go and see Badly Drawn Boy, run don't walk, and buy tickets and go!

--Shane, Chicago -







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