Doves with Elbow - 6/13/02 @ the Vic

The Brits know how to put on a show. I almost want to just leave it at that...because what else is their to say?

On tonights show at the Vic with opening act Elbow and the headlining Doves it showed what all other U.K. groups have come to give us in the past...witty audience banter, clever and dark lyrics, original images projected on a screen, a mirrorball, and each closing with a special jem.

Elbow showed that even if you have seen them before, like I have (opening for pete here to read that review) they can still surprize you and make you feel like you are seeing them for the first time. Their set was filled with songs from their debut album asleep in the back.

I did not know what to expect from the Doves...both their debut album lost souls and their lastest the last broadcast grew on me. Yet their sets were very grown up. They switched from souls tracks to broadcast ones without skipping a beat or a bleap.

Songs covered were "here it comes," "catch the sun," "NY," and the first single to their latest "there goes the fear," which was played in it's original attire right down to the last Bohemian beat. They closed with a jem, an ear candy track called "God they are all made of stars," which is said to be from one of the band mates pre-Doves bands.

Unfortubtely the Doves have not gotten as much airplay and recognition as many other Manchester bands have, such as Joy Division, The Smith's & Oasis which makes me wonder what is next? Can a band like them continue based souly with fans who seak their music rather than hear it first? Well if tonights sold out show means anything to that question, I think these blokes will be far from a last broadcast.

--Todd - Chicago-

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