Eels - 03/30/02 @ the Metro

The Eels know they have not been throught these parts in awhile and it showed that they had a lot to make up for.

At their Metro show on Saturday they covered all the bases of their 4 albums, yet not covering the hits until the very end, and I do mean VERY end.

Their 2 hour show didn’t touch too much into their “beautiful freak” debut, only to play the main first single “novicane for the soul” at the very end of the show AFTER the lights and music had come the “real fans” got to see this rare occasion.

Yet before this they had mostly dived into thier last two albums “daises of the galaxy” and the resently released “souljacker.”

The highlite of the night came early, their second song was their version of Missy Elliott’s “get you freak on” amking the audience hope to see that on another live EP.

Lead singer E is a very creative man and it shows in each album, each being very different from the last.

They promised to be back more often then before and they are rumored to have 2 albums already done yet it’s up to the label to when those will be popping up on music store shelves.

All in all it was a show for the fans and eben though the show may have not sold out that still didn’t stop the Eels from giving us a little numbness in our souls.

--Todd - Chicago-

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