Fatboy Slim/Darren Emerson/Scanty Sandwich - 5/4/01 @ Aragon Ballroom

Is it possible to dance non-stop for 5 hours? Well that is what happened that fine Friday night. To be a bit brief, Scanty Sandwich was great, he combined his own mixes with some pop popularity ones like combining Madonna's "Music" with Daft Punks "The Funk". His hour set was the best opener I've seen in awhile. Than came the world famous Darren Emerson...he bored the crowd after only half an hour…some technical difficulties may have made his set a bit dry, but over all is set was too long and made many want to leave. By the time Fatboy got on, it was 11:15…the show started at 8pm. By now some were way tired and over heated. I of all people, being the biggest fan of the man, wanted to step away from my entrance/exit spot to cool off. The show was in "the round" and I got there early enough to stand right where the DJ's had to get on and off the stage…so I was able to shake hands with the 3 men that was worth my $35 right there! I also was on the big screen at times….looking bored, yet I wasn't…. Fatboy's set was filled with new and old material. He mixes some new Basement Jaxx ("where's your head at?") and a continuos mix of "Star 69"…plus old fav.'s like "To Lindy" and "Everybody Needs a Carnival" which is on a CD 2 import of "Everybody Needs a 303." He closed the night with "Praise You" and walked off stage as I patted him on his sweaty back. He never returned…it was 1:15 when it all ended and for two days I could hardly walk. Overall the show was great and worth the ticket price, yet if Darren either wasn't there or made his set much shorter than the show would have been perfect. Fatboy's energy helped out a lot and kept me in my place, along with other restless and tired clubbies. His last album, "Halfway Between the Gutters and the Stars" may have not been that successful as Fatboy's previous two albums, but his style in DJing never changes, which is good. In that album you can see how he has grown as an artist, putting out more experimental stuff, yet while on stage he's just a guy who "loves his job."

--Todd, Chicago - iownu2@yahoo.com

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