Gay Dad/Regency Buck - 3/28/01 @ Dingwalls, London

While out in London for week one of my "Things to do" was hit a concert venue and compare it to Chicago's. I went to the Dingwalls which is off of Camden Lock which is famous for it's street markets. The only familiar band that I saw in the paper was Gay Dad. I had heard a song or two off their 1999 debut album and thought they were pretty good. The opening band, name unknown, was the Hooverphonic type 4-some minus the electric sound. The second band was Regency that time they came out I thought they were Gay Dad because they sounded like them so much. Yet they were great! A total must buy on my "to buy" list. After playing a 45 minute set, Gay Dad got on and bored me...after seeing Regency I couldn't seeing anyone doing better that night, and I was right. So for the first time ever, I left after 2 songs. Overall it worth the experience. There is no real difference between U.K. shows and U.S. shows...except the water...theirs has bubbles and taste like Alka Seltzer!!!!!! So be careful of that.

--Todd, Chicago -

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