Goo Goo Dolls with Third Eye Blind - 8/22/02 @ the Tweeter Center

It was a night of yet another couple of 90’s bands battling one another to see who can still stick around for another decade and continuously win the hearts, and ears, of aging fans & possibly win some new ones. This shows fighters were, Third Eye Blind vs. the Goo Goo Dolls (other examples in the past have been Red Hot Chilli Peppers sharing the bill with STP & Counting Crows with Live).

While both have had staying power, I must compliment Third Eye the most, do to the fact they only have 2 albums, the latest (blue) not being very praised compared to their 1996 debut (self-titled). Goo Goo Dolls on the other hand have staying power as well but they show their lack of continued talent, in a sense that where they are now is where they’ll be forever…not a rock band but a ballad band.

Third Eyed Blind played mostly the hits in their short 45-minute set from their first, “graduate,” to, of course, “semi charmed life.” Most fans wanted to hear their highly anticipated new material to their new album, Crystal Baller (out by years end). Such tunes were performed, “invisible,” “palm reader,” & “sometimes I don’t know myself.” Overall the songs didn’t sound already done like several “old” bands i.e. Our Lady Peace, Nine Days, etc. which come out with new material only to sound like the current material of “new” (or in some cases “nu”) groups.

As for Goo Goo Dolls…the mostly played the hits as well, yet saw that the ones remaining in their seats by mid-set (they were on for over an hour and a half) were the true fans, so several times they’d break out and rock. The only time this band “rocks” is when John Rzeznik steps aside from his “slide,” and “iris” tunes and lets the other singer of the group, Robby Takac, belt out his Jack Black sounding yells. That sums them up pretty well.

Speaking of summing…the opener of these fine groups of men was female Tori Amos meets Michelle Branch sounding Vanessa Carlton who sang about her day, her ordinary day.

So who won this days battle? To sum up the evening events, the Goo Goo Dolls released Gutterflower this year, which did well, of course only do it’s ballads “here is gone,” and the recent “big machine.” 3EB has their new album and with the success of the past two, I do see more hits pouring out of that one and be streeeetched out like they have in past as well.

As for the Goo’s…if here is gone, than then only holds more ballads and that may put them in the gutter with no flower.

--Todd - Chicago-

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