Lucky Boys Confusion - 7/18/01 @ HOB

Anyone that says Lucky Boys Confusion is just another punk band, obviously never really heard Lucky Boys Confusion. What I would somewhat label Chicago's 311, LBC has a mix of raggae, hip-hop with a punk attitude that plays well to pop listening pre/post and current teens. The 7/18th show at the House of Blues showed those nonfans and real fans that LBC is not a sell out band that has made it big and has forgotten their roots. After a grouling wait of the Billabong "movie" about a guy surfing and then being lost and putting pickles in condoms…LBC jumped on stage and gave a great performance. While they hit maybe of their new tunes off their latest album "throwing the game" they also went through their 4-year career hits to please almost everyone. "Breaking the Rules," "Fred Astaire" "Bossman," (which will be their next single on-air come September) and "Dumb Pop Song" where the stand out songs from "throwing the game." They had covered the Beatles "come together" which was waaay too short and later came back on stage to cover Elvis's "falling in love with you." The only part of the evening that was unneeded was this break down hip hop portion of the show where members of the opening band and others joined in for a free-to-say-all break set that worked on the crowd, but in my personal taste, bored me. As for the show in general, they know their cities supporters and know how to be rock stars…I hope LBC never loose their reputation and become another "where are they now" Chicago group.

--Todd, Chicago -

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