Nelly Furtado - 04/04/02 @ the Riviera Theatre

Nelly Furtado is in love with her name...that how I would begin the night of the new pop diva...or is she pop?

Many debate and label her a female hip-hop artist, others a pop artist...yet her mixture of salsa, rock and pop cover up the small percentage of hip in her hop.

Nelly Furtados most likely sold out show at the Riviera showed she has energy and can still make her year old album sound new.

The Courtney Cox look-a-like hit upon all the hits of the album from the opener baby girl to the closer ....on the radio (remember the days) and in between covering her side works with Missy Elliott's get your freak on and Furtados remix with Timberland on turn off the light.

The 90-minute set was never dull and her energy never went away, even opener Citizen Cope was energetic. Furtado at times would grab a guitar or blow a whistle...she knew how to put on a show. She may not want to be anyones baby girl, but she has a long future ahead of her before she can turn off her light.

--Todd - Chicago-

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