The Strokes - 10/11/02 @ the Aragon

Last night, I saw…the Strokes. This was the 2nd time I saw this fine young and new group…yet not really counting the first since it was @ Q101’s Jamboree with the crowd basically screaming “play your one song and get off stage.” This wasn’t he case @ this Aragon show.

The Strokes are a fun band that really doesn’t do anything. They have a debut CD that has been a power house on the air waves for 2 years, “is this it”…and that is how I saw the show…is this it?

It was “it” and that is why they are good. Listening to their album and seeing them @ a venue is almost the same sound, yet much louder and the attitude kicks each song that you may have heard 100 times having a whole new feel to it.

They opened with their “controversial” track “new york city cops” which was pulled in 2001 do to 9/11. It has recently been released as a single with different versions of other “it” tracks.

The new stuff was what this show was all about. No titles come to mind, but there were several songs I fell in love with right away.

The Strokes were oddly named the Band of the Year this year in Spin, which seems a year off…but I see this band having another try and if it fails, they’ll fail. They are in this new-rock movement. The constantly are in the class of The White Stripes, The Vines, The Hives and any other band that starts with “The”. Even if the “garage rock” genre is a quick and dying breed, they may still be able to fight the repeative nu-metal and –rap rock of yesterday.

So that is what that is…and is it good…it is…and will it be another questionable new album of garage pounding right out of NYC rock…we’ll have to see another night.

--Todd, Chicago -

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