Pete Yorn with Elbow - 4/18/02 @ the Riviera

I finally saw Pete Yorn! After over 9 times that he played in 2001, his first tour of this year I finally got in to see him at this sold out show.

First off, a litlle bit of advice if you’re looking to get close to any to get to the venue no later than 45-minutes before the show...I wound up getting there early and practically had first row.

Anyway...Pete pretty much played his whole debut album, musicforthemorningafter, except for maybe one song. From his opener “black” to his radio hits “life on a chain”, “for nancy” and the recent release “strange condition” he nevr really had a dull moment, unless you were there only for the others it was like a greatest hoits show, becuase for myself, I had listening to his album many times and it’s rare for me to go to a show and know every song word for word.

Pete also covered some covers that also appear on the re-release of his debut. David Bowie’s “China Girl” & The Smith’s “panic” were covered in his encore sets.

As for the opener, Elbow, they packed on their british charm by blasting their rock style and mellow melodies while keeping a great sence of homor about themselves all in support to their debut album, asleep in the back, as well.

Pete definately has staying power. In this decade it seems that the singer/songwriter genre is coming back strong and he will definetly will be one of those artist that I can see lasting many more years and having many morning afters.

--Todd - Chicago-

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