It Ain't That Easy

Situation: A girl newsie in (or around) 1900 explains the hard factors of being a newsie.

[Jessie: You just want to be alone with all those boys.]

Angel: (hurt) Jessie, ya know dat ain't true! I had not choice. It was eitha dat awful orphanage- an we both know what dat place's like from Kelly,or a newsie. Fer me it was da betta choice. But not fer youse! I mean, look around ya. Ya gots a great home an a family dat loves ya. Ya gots yer lil' sista Lilly who looks up ta ya an needs ya. An ya got two older sibs who love ya. I know Mary an Adam would be devastated if ya was gone. An yer parents- I know dem. Dey loves ya! Dey's jist tryin' ta protect ya! Jessie- ya know I would love ta have me best friend wit me all da time, but I cain't. I cain't let ya leave all dis. Bein' a newsie ain't dat easy. Always scroungin' fer food. Neva havin' money. If ya don't sell all yer papes, yer outta luck- ya don't eat dat night er ya don't sell da next day an git fartha behind. Ya go ta sleep at night not knowin' if ya'll still have a job da next day. Not knowin' if ya'll still have a bed er if ya'll be out sleepin' on da streets like a 'fore. I cain't let ya do dat. Ya have all dis- a lovin' family, a nice home, ya always know ya'll have a bed an money…an food. I ain't lettin' ya give all dat up…(Angel is sobbing. She collapses on the bed, sobbing into her hands)

[Jessie: But, Angel…]

Angel: No, Jessie. Yer always welcome ta come see me- I want ya ta come see us, visit us. Come an eat lunch wit us one day afta school. Yer even welcome ta come an spend da night wit us in da Lodgin' House if ya wants, but I cain't let ya give all dis up. I had all dis once, an I was forced ta give it up. It ain't worth it, Jessie. Believe me.

Angel Harrison

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