I have known Cammie for forever. Literally; because forever to me, begins when you are born and goes on until infinity. It never ends once it has begun. And, I have known Cammie since the day I was born. True, I couldn't tell you her name, or point out her face in a crowd at that time, because I wasn't but a second or so old, but I knew her, and I knew she was my sister. She was ten seconds older than I was. She was my twin sister.

It always amazed me how alike we could be. We weren't those types of twins who have completely opposite personalities-we were a lot alike. We both liked people and were very outgoing, we were both very smart, and from the first day of Kindergarten, we were popular. We did everything together. In elementary school, we walked to school together every day with Molly and Liz, our two best friends. Molly lived across the street and Liz lived next door to us. We were in all the plays together-we both loved acting. After second grade, we both started going to Camp Woodmount together-we went every summer and loved it. I am really surprised we never got tired of each other, but we never did. We always loved being around each other. When one of us was sick, the other would rush home from school and spill the latest gossip-who was going out with who, who broke up, who liked who, and what really embarrassing things had happened in school that day.

In seventh grade, we both made the cheerleading squad, and we loved it. In eighth grade, we were co-captains of the team. Our freshman year of high school, we both made the varsity cheerleading squad-a real honour and a rarity. I loved my twin sister more than the world and I would have done anything for her. And, the one time I couldn't, was the one time she needed me…

"They've found Cammie, honey. She is dead…there was nothing they could do for her…" they told me. I just kind of sat there. I didn't want to believe, you know? They told me over and over-at least four times, but I just sat there and shook my head. "No", I said. "She'll walk through that door any minute-just you wait and see…yes-just watch that door…" I watched that door. And she never came through it. I guess I should have believed them, but I didn't want to. Deep down, I knew they were telling me the truth, because why would they lie to me? But, I didn't want to believe. This was my best friend in the whole wide world. She couldn't be gone. Cammie and I had been through everything together. I had literally known her forever. I didn't want to believe. I refused to believe.

Cammie had disappeared three weeks before. Nobody knew what had happened to her. One day, I had dropped her off after school-I had to go to a meeting about a project for English class. She said "I love you Molly, I'll see you tonight!" and walked into our house. When our mother and I had come home four hours later, she was gone. And nobody knows for sure what happened in those four hours.

The police had combed the whole city, the whole county, even the whole state for three whole weeks. Sarah and I would sit up in one of our bedrooms, crying and worrying together. Sarah was the other one of our group-the third musketeer. We cried so much in those nights. It was so hard on us; we were both scared. Neither of us had ever suffered a loss as great as losing Cammie would be, and we weren't quite sure how to deal with it. After they found her, my eyes were dry and nothing fell from them. All my tears had been cried out. I blamed myself; if I had gone in with Cammie, she wouldn't have disappeared. Because there was no note, the police assumed she had been kidnapped. Maybe if I had called it would have scared away the kidnapper, and my Cammie would still be here with me. With us. Cammie was like a giant can of soda, as my mother put it when we were little. From the second she walked into a room, she caught all eyes. She was a blur of chestnut hair, green eyes, and laughter. She was just one of those kinds of people, you know? She almost commanded attention. She stepped into the room, and all of a sudden everything pepped up about a thousand percent. She was my Cammie…and she was gone. I would never be able to laugh with her late at night in my room…to run around town, getting exercise but still having the time of our lives…to go to camp with my best friend in the world, and be the "little drama queens"…to see her bright eyes…the hear her laughter… My Cammie…my beautiful, vivacious, perfect, gorgeous Cammie…was gone…

Angel Harrison

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