Getting Over It
By Kristen Bartlett
Copyright 1999, All Rights Reserved

I said to myself, "If he walks out without letting me say goodbye, I'm going to scream." And so I did. What is it? What do you want me to tell you? I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings, but . . . she's not for you. She's not for you. And that's the truth, okay? And one of these days, you're going to wake up and see that I was right. I was right, and you were wrong, and that was the way it was the entire time. So why are you so damn stubborn? I truly wish you would get passed it. She's moved on, and unfortunately, she's moved on without you. Things happen quick when you're a girl like that . . . and . . . like Mrs. Fisher said, "You're every mother's dream for her girl." Certain girls don't listen to their mothers, okay? You're the guy that's going to have kids, I know it. Because . . . well I'm not one of those people. I won't be happy living in Black Mountain, NC for the rest of my life. I swear to God, I'm getting out of here as soon as I can. And I will. It'll happen. So you have to decide for yourself. What is it that you want? Do you want the girl and the white picket fence? Or do you want to achieve some other goal that'll make you feel complete? And it's me and my stupidness to think that you already feel that. So I'm sorry. I'm sorry for making you feel like there was no chance, no hope. You live with your hope, Justin. Go right along. But don't expect the wishing and hoping to pull through, okay? Don't think that hope can get you through everything. Sometimes it has to be you. You have to get yourself through this. You.

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