Love Hurts

Tell me Brandon , was I actually supposed to believe you ? At first I thought maybe I could . But, what did I know about you besides what others told me . They said you were a jerk and didn't care about anyone but yourself . But as usual I didn't listen to what they said . You know people say love is blind and I guess that they are right cause I never saw this coming . When you told me how beautiful I was I actually believed you for a moment . But you want to know the part that hurt the most ? It was when you said you'd never forget me and that I better not forget you . Well that's the problem Brandon , I haven't forgotten you - I called you last night . Someone answered the phone and said you were out with some girl . That hurt ! I've only been gone two days Brandon and already you've forgotten your promise to me . I figured you would eventually as time went on but two days ? I know I must sound pretty silly considering I've only known you for a short time but what can time say when two people's soul's connect ? Nothing . That's what it can say , because pain says it all .

Noelle Richardson

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